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Get to know Dhruv Patel and discover how he used the Krannert Executive Forum to help him land a job as a Financial Analyst with Proctor and Gamble

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Finance is the study of wealth and assets, typically money, of a person or a corporation. You will discover what “the time value of money” means, how to manage corporate cash flow and how to effectively allocate resources.

You will study investment management, financial analytic tools and corporate forecasting. After taking accounting and economics, you’ll begin to analyze money in different ways to answer questions like: How do multinational corporations account for currency exchanges? When you are buying another company, how do you decide how much it is worth? What is involved when companies have their Initial Public Offering?

A range of opportunities are available to start your career in Finance. Graduates can start out as financial analysts in large corporations looking at the bottom line and predicting profits. Other opportunities exist in a fast-paced financial leadership development programs or investment banking.


$59,989 Average

$5,392 Average Bonus
(for those receiving a bonus)

$19 Average Intern
Hourly Wage