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Management Course Descriptions


Human Resource Management (MGMT 44428)

Survey of the techniques and practices used in human resource management. Emphasis is on legal requirements, cost/benefit considerations, and strategic needs in managing human resources. Topics include recruitment, selection and placement, compensation, work design, and reactions to work. Specific techniques reviewed include assessment centers, incentive plans, structured interviewing, and autonomous work groups. Current issues and managerial decision making are emphasized.

Legal Foundations of Business (MGMT 25400)

An examination and study, for management students, of the nature and place of law in our society, both national and international, the social and moral bases of law enactment, regulation of business, legal liability, enforcement procedures, and the legal environment for managers.

Managerial Economics (ECON 30100)

The application of economic analysis and common nonmathematical models to managerial decisions. Topics include decisions involving time and uncertainty in both competitive and noncompetitive markets. Pricing decisions are emphasized.

Management Science (MGMT 30500)

Use of optimization, simulation, and decision theory models to support management decision making. Emphasis on modeling and interpreting results for managerial applications of linear and integer programming models, network problems, simulation models, and decision analysis.

Operations Management (MGMT 36100)

This course provides an understanding of the issues involved in designing and managing manufacturing and service systems. Topics include manufacturing strategy, quality management, inventory systems, aggregate planning, just-in-time manufacturing, and operations scheduling. Case studies and articles integrate these topics and highlight managerial implications.

Organizational Behavior (OBHR 33000)

This course investigates the impact that individuals, groups, and organizational structure have on behavior within organizations for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organization's effectiveness. Attention is given to such topics as motivation, leadership, group processes, organizational structure, technological innovation, and conflict management. Emphasis is placed on developing management skills and application of organizational behavior theories.

Strategic Management (MGMT 35200)

The course focuses on understanding competitive forces and how organizations strive to build sustainable competitive advantages through business- and corporate-level strategies. It integrates and builds upon previous training in functional areas and presents new analytical tools for developing an understanding of the strategic decisions that determine future directions and effectiveness of the organization.