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Careers in Marketing

Class of 2017 Employers

Ford logo
Zone manager
Nielsen logo
Professional Services Analyst
Pepsico logo
District Sales Rep.
Crown Castle logo
Emerging Leaders Program Participant
Evonik logo
International Professional Rotation Enrichment Program
Shell logo
Retail Analyst
Textron logo
Leadership Development Program in Marketing and Sales
Marketing Associate
Dish Network logo
Consumer insight Team
Amazon logo
Brand Specialist
Human Capital Analyst
Consulting Analyst
Guerrero Howe
Content & Advertising Manager
GE logo
Financial Management Program
Aldi logo
District Manager
Belden logo
Commercial Leadership Program
United logo
Aramark logo
Catering Manager
Ryerson logo
Inside Sales Rep.



Product & Brand Management

Currently ranked No. 9 among business schools - US News & World Report (2014)

Entry Level Positions

Brand Assistant Salary Range $50,000 - $60,000
Assistant Brand Manager Salary Range $50,000 - $60,000
Assistant Product Manager Salary Range $45,000 - $55,000

About Product and Brand Managers

Product and Brand Managers are responsible for developing marketing plans for a particular product or brand.  They interpret market research studies, enhance brand awareness and brand equity, decide the product price, and work with advertising agencies to develop campaigns. In addition to traditional advertising, product/brand managers increasingly connect with customers through social media and generate buzz through internet marketing campaigns.

Marketing Research/Analytics/Consulting

Currently ranked No. 1 among best business jobs - US News & World Report (2014)

Entry Level Positions

Market Research Analyst Salary Range $43,000 - $65,000

About Market Research Analysts

Marketing research analysts and consultants study consumer preferences and behaviors by analyzing data. They use this analysis to decide, for example, whether or not to launch a new product, design an introductory marketing program for a new product launch, and decide how best to allocate scarce marketing resources. Today, companies gather tons of data for analysis. Taking advantage of the data to generate managerial insights is challenging. No wonder the demand for marketing research analysts and consultants is surging. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an impressive 31.6 percent employment increase for this occupation between 2012 and 2022.

Sales & Sales Management

Currently sales manager job and the business-to-business firm sales representatives are ranked No. 15 and No. 16 among the best business jobs - US News & World Report (2014)

Entry Level Positions

Sales Representatives  Salary Range $44,000 - $54,000

About Sales Representatives and Sales Managers

A salesperson’s responsibilities include helping distributors merchandise a product, monitoring competitors’ activities, and demonstrating new products. Sales mangers direct the distribution of their companies’ products to customers, which involves establishing sales territories as well as setting quotas and goals. Guiding the sales team, sales mangers outline staff training programs, develop strategies for the team to operate efficiently, and push team members to surpass short- and long-team sales targets.


Entry Level Positions

Buyer Salary Range $40,000 - $50,000
Store Manager Salary Range $45,000 - $55,000

About Buyers and Store Managers

A buyer selects merchandise, determines the quantity to order, sets merchandise prices, and guides promotion. In contrast, store management involves the supervision of personnel in all departments and the general management of all facilities, equipment, and merchandise. Store managers are also responsible for the financial performance of each department and for the store as a whole.