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Summer Business Academy

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Summer Business Academy expands accessibility for management and economics minors with suite of online courses

The Krannert School is encouraging undergraduates from other Purdue academic areas to plan ahead and complete their management or economics minor by taking classes fully online over two to three summers through its Summer Business Academy.

As an outgrowth of Purdue’s successful “Think Summer” initiative, which has increased summer enrollment by nearly 39 percent since 2012, the Krannert Summer Business Academy provides an accessible foundation of courses while enabling students more opportunities to incorporate internships, study abroad and research into their undergraduate experience while keeping them on a fast track to graduation.

At Purdue, summer classes are broken into modules to accommodate the variety of the season's activities. Summer tuition also is affordable, charging a flat rate for anything between 6 to 9 credit hours or a per credit rate for less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours.

The Krannert Summer Business Academy currently includes 26 courses for Summer 2019: Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, Management Of Human Resources, Human Resources Management, Staffing: Talent Acquisition, Financial Management, Law And Economics, Legal Foundations Of Business I, Legal Background For Business I, Management Accounting I, Business Statistics, Strategic Management, Introduction To Organizational Behavior, Microeconomics, Principles Of Marketing, Data Mining, Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics, Money And Banking, Introduction To Financial Management, Industrial Organization, Introductory Accounting, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Intermediate Accounting, Management Information Systems, Marketing Management, Operations Management.

To earn a minor in business, students not enrolled in the Krannert School are required to complete 15 credits hours from the approved plans of study for management or economics.

To review courses or register:

Visit or speak with your academic advisor.