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Dublin Study Abroad
Summer 2022

Dublin, Ireland

Program Details


Wednesday, October 27 @ 7.45pm (KRAN G016)

Wednesday November 17 @ 7pm (KRAN G010)


Dublin, Ireland

Program Dates:

May 13th - June 11th , 2022


Prof. Jacob Brindley


Krannert School of Management and FIE



The program is open to Purdue undergraduate students with a 2.5 GPA.

Course Credits:

ECON 251  and MGMT 390 International Elective for 6 credits


Estimated Cost: $4900 (does not include airfare or personal spending)


Krannert students may apply for Krannert specific scholarships in addition to the Purdue Moves Scholarship. For more information click here!


Student residence hall in the center of Dublin

Language Requirements:


Scholarship Deadline:

February 1, 2022. Krannert Scholarship deadline (students will be notified by mid-February of Scholarship standing)

Deposit Deadline:

February 10, 2022. $500 non-refundable deposit

Contact: for more information.

Course Descriptions

Microeconomics - ECON 251

Econ 251 introduces you to microeconomic theory and its applications in everyday life. The course will explain how consumers and producers determine the prices and quantities of goods available in different marketplaces particulary in Ireland. We will investigate the underlying incentives of consumers to buy goods and of firms to produce goods. In addition, we will look at how the government can promote or hinder market efficiency by analyzing different public policies.  When possible, applications related to the study abroad location will be incorporated into the class.

MGMT 39000 (Elective/Cultural Competency)

This course will be taught by on site local faculty. Course title and content is TBD.

Krannert Faculty Bio

Jacob Brindley

Jacob Brindley