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Costa Rica Summer Abroad
Summer 2022

Costa Rica

Program Details


Wednesday, October 27 @ 7.45pm (KRAN G016)​


San Jose, Costa Rica

Program Dates:

May 14 - June 11, 2022


Prof. John Burr


Krannert School of Management


The program is open to undergraduate students with a 2.5 GPA.

Course Credits:

MGMT 352 Strategic Management and MGMT 390 Elective for 6 credits.


Estimated cost: $4700 (does not include airfare)


Krannert students may apply for Krannert specific scholarships in addition to the Purdue Moves Scholarship. For more information visit our Financial Planning and Scholarships page!


Students will stay in apartments or student residence halls throughout the city.

Language Requirements:


Scholarship Deadline:

February 1, 2022. Krannert Scholarship deadline (students will be notified by mid-February of Scholarship standing)

Deposit Deadline:

February 10, 2022. $500 non-refundable deposit

Contact: for more information.

Course Description

MGMT 352 - Strategic Management

Strategic Management deals with the organization, management, and strategic positioning of the firm so as to gain long-term competitive advantage.  This course introduces and employs various analytical frameworks that help us to identify the sources of competitive advantage from both an industry and firm perspective.  By focusing on what makes some competitive strategies strong and viable, while others remain weak and vulnerable, we shall develop the ability to consider the impact of change and other important environmental forces on the opportunities for establishing and sustaining competitive advantage. 

The course is taught by Dr. John Burr who has worked in 30 different countries doing marketing and strategy consulting for the DuPont Company.  This is an opportunity to learn how business operates and break the paradigm of understanding businesses from a US centric perspective.  This course will be very interactive using games, field trips, and current examples to teach the tools of strategic management.  

MGMT 390 – Elective / Cultural Cempetency

This course will be taught by on site local faculty. Course name and content TBD.

Krannert Faculty Bio

John Burr

John Burr
Clinical Assistant Professor of Management