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Florence I Study Abroad
Summer 2022

Florence I

Program Details


Wednesday, October 27 @ 7.45pm (KRAN G016)


Florence, Italy

Program Dates:

May 13th  - June 11th , 2022


Prof. James Reeder & local faculty


Krannert School of Management


The program is open to Purdue undergraduate students with a 2.5 GPA.

Course Credits:

MGMT 324 Principles of Marketing & MGMT 390 Elective for 6 credits .


Estimated Cost: $4700 (does not include airfare or personal spending)


Krannert students may apply for Krannert specific scholarships in addition to the Purdue Moves Scholarship. For more information click here!


Students will stay in shared student apartments in Florence.

Language Requirements:


Scholarship Deadline:

February 1, 2022. Krannert Scholarship deadline (students will be notified by mid-February of Scholarship standing)

Deposit Deadline:

February 10, 2022. $500 non-refundable deposit

Contact: for more information.

Course Descriptions

Principles of Marketing - MGMT 324

Sergio Zyman, the former CMO of Coca-Cola, once said, “Marketing is what you do to sell stuff.” While brief, this quote captures the essence of marketing: generating a product that individuals desire, at a price they are willing and able to pay, distributed well enough that people have access to said product, and promoted effectively so that potential customers know your product exists. The essence of this course is exploring two grand frameworks of marketing, the 3 C’s (customer, competition, and company) and the 4 P’s (product, price, promotion, and place), and how they are used both successfully and ineffectively. Further, this course will provide other insights into the vast array of tasks and careers of the modern day marketer. Rather than lecture based pedagogy, this course relies on a workshop like atmosphere, where dialogue is encouraged and hands on activities are frequently used. Given the small-class size and the ideal location of Florence, the course will integrate local examples and immersion at local businesses to show how marketing is used on a daily basis.

MGMT 39000 ( Elective / Cultural Competency )

 This course will be taught by on site local faculty. Course title and content is TBD until further notice.


Krannert Faculty Bio

James Reeder

James Reeder

Visiting Assistant Professor of Management