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Our Current PhD Students

Current PhD Students

kubilay cirik

Kubilay Cirik
(3rd-year PhD candidate)


"West Lafayette is a very pleasant and safe place to live with reasonable cost of living. The city offers many decent entertainment, shopping and food options. Being a college town, it also provides an ideal environment to pursue your PhD as it really is a quiet and peaceful area. In addition, its central location and close proximity to major cities such as Chicago and Indianapolis means you can always get your big city fix whenever you need that. Purdue prides itself on having one of the most international campuses in the US giving you the chance to meet many interesting people from different parts of the world, and that international diversity aspect is the part I like most about the Purdue community."


"One of the unique aspects of the program is the weekly faculty and PhD student gatherings we call pro-seminars. Pro-seminars are designed to allow both students and faculty to engage in intellectual discussions on research issues, present progress on research and actively look for collaborative project opportunities. I find it very inspiring to share ideas with the faculty who are leading figures in the field and observe their pro-activeness and willingness to collaborate with the PhD students."

Learning Aspects

"The program focuses on research development skills from day one. All faculty are highly attentive and their mentoring abilities are top-notch. It is actually often the case that your faculty advisor or collaborator spends hours with you to shape research projects despite having busy schedules. Your development is a priority for them. Seminar courses, a key part of the learning process, are designed in a way to reflect both the historical development as well as the current trends of a subject area that allows you to have a deeper understanding of that particular subject. Such a unique design makes seminars a great way to generate valuable ideas that can turn into meaningful projects. One of the current projects that I'm pursuing along with the faculty has actually been built on a research idea that I came up with for the final project requirement of a seminar."

Collaboration with Faculty Members

Monica Guo

Shiau-Ling "Monica" Guo
(5th year PhD candidate)

"My PhD studies at Purdue have been a formative and instructive experience. During the residency at Krannert, I can easily reach faculty members who are at the forefront of research in their field. The collaborative relationships between the faculty and students are common in the program. For me, a research assistantship with faculty members is an especially valuable opportunity to learn skills in preparing a publishable work. It is obvious that the faculty members here care about our success."


"In addition to the guidance of faculty members, the interactions with fellow students also enable me to advance and sharpen research ideas. Although our strategy program is a small group, the group is tight knit. My fellow PhD students in the strategy area come from diverse backgrounds ranging from engineering to art history. The unique combination of students and faculty interests make the academic interactions incredibly rich."

Professional Development

"Again faculty members in our program care much about our success — not only for the research output but also for our careers. Students are supported and prepared for the job market through such opportunities as mock interviews. We also have a unique internal pro-seminar where faculty members share their experience in different stages of academia and students are encouraged to present their work getting timely feedback. This is a constructive platform allowing students to get inside information for a successful academic career. There is also a small group library where we can borrow books that provide useful tips on how to prepare and deal with challenges in different stages of PhD years and tenure track. In addition, senior fellow PhD students organize a doctoral alumni event each year gathering alumni graduating from the program. This is an invaluable opportunity for doctoral students to easily access alumni who have been well-established and outstanding in the strategy field."