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Our Current PhD Students

Current PhD Students


Ei Sandi Nwe
(New PhD Student)

The collegial relationship among faculty members at Strategic Management department is what really sets us apart from other business schools. I get to work closely with distinguished faculty members and could reach out for personal attention from my professors at the drop of a hat. Professors are not only approachable but also willing to collaborate with students in different research projects.  I also feel constantly inspired as we are often given the opportunities to connect with other distinguished scholars in the strategy field through weekly proseminar meetings and biennial alumni conferences. Living in West Lafayette has also been one of the best experiences for me since the city offers an ideal environment for those who want to focus on studies and research. A beautiful campus with a large international students community would be another perk of being in Krannert. Given such an intellectually-stimulating, nurturing and caring environment, I can attest that doing PhD in Strategic Management at Krannert has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.”


Mingtao Xu
(PhD Candidate) 

I came to Purdue to pursue my research interest in strategic management and to work with a top team of strategy scholars. At Purdue, students have numerous opportunities to find research resources of various kinds, to interact with the highly accomplished yet highly approachable professors, and to connect to distinguished scholars in other institutions. In addition, the collegial environment in the department and the school allows students to develop their capabilities extensively and reach their potential without constraints. Aside from the tremendous support and freedom doctoral students enjoy to pursue their interest, the area has a long tradition of excellence. In the history of the field, Purdue’s Strategic Management area has made an unrivaled contribution, with its Strategy Ph.D. program being one of the first programs of its kind, and the Krannert School being the birthplace of the Strategic Management Journal and the Strategic Management Society. It is an honor to start your career in strategy scholarship from the Ph.D. program at Krannert.”