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Module 6

Capstone Simulation Course (3 credits)

The capstone simulation takes place during the final residency to allow students the opportunity to integrate the different functional courses within the program. This course is implemented with an outside partner who has significant experience running simulations in corporations. Students are split into teams and divided into two worlds (or industries). During the simulation, students go through six time periods and compete within their world, but can also interact with teams in the other world.

The simulation mimics the actual management challenges our students face by not taking a zero-sum approach. Rather, all teams can succeed and all teams could fail. Unique to this simulation, students will call a buyer or suppliers (played by a seasoned manager employed by the outside partner) who provides unexpected information regarding logistics, orders, and industry events. This additional human element ensures that every team faces a different set of challenges and follows their own path in this learning experience.

Global Strategy (1 credit)

Taught by Aldas Kriauciunas

This course provides an introduction regarding the business and strategy challenges faced by managers in our global economy, regardless of whether the firm is a small domestic company or a large multi-national firm. Major topics for the course include motivations and challenges of internationalization, international business fundamentals, foreign market entry strategies, organizing across countries, analyzing global industries, building competitive advantage in global industries, and the influence of culture and institutions. Given the link between geographic and product diversification, the course emphasizes mergers & acquisitions, alliances, and organic growth as venues for firm expansion.

Meet Dr. Kriauciunas, Executive Director of Purdue EMBA Programs, and learn more about his Global Strategy course.

Legal & Ethical Environments (2 credits)

Taught by Judge James Kirsch

The purpose of the course is to provide the student with an understanding of the legal environment as it pertains to business organizations and of the ethical considerations and social and political influences that affect such organizations. Students will examine a wide range of substantive rules of public law that will provide a framework for a discussion of the ways in which managerial decision making affects and is affected by the legal environment.

Please note course offerings and faculty are subject to change.