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Module 5

Active Learning Project (4 credits)

Led by David Schoorman

Active learning means learning by doing: it is about solving real management problems for external organizations, participating in challenging projects provided by company project owners. Project owners are managers who need advice on how to solve specific problems like entering new markets, launching new services, initiating organizational change, making important investment decisions, restructuring functions or processes. A project looks like a consulting assignment: a problem is raised at the beginning and you and your team must solve it by the end of the course.

Geo-Competitive Perspectives (Functional Elective) (2 credits)

Taught by Filip Caeldries

This capstone course integrates the curriculum of the previous modules to provide an understanding of the dynamics of competing in a global economy. Using China as the baseline case, the course considers the various factors that influence the economic growth and competitiveness of countries. Core aspects include a country's institutional and R&D infrastructures. The challenges and limitations at the country level are considered and tied to how managers can be successful in their chosen industries and countries. The competitive strategies of foreign entrants as well as local (Chinese) firms are explored.

Global Strategy (2 credits)

Taught by Aldas Kriauciunas

This course provides an introduction regarding the business and strategy challenges faced by managers in our global economy, regardless of whether the firm is a small domestic company or a large multi-national firm. Major topics for the course include motivations and challenges of internationalization, international business fundamentals, foreign market entry strategies, organizing across countries, analyzing global industries, building competitive advantage in global industries, and the influence of culture and institutions. Given the link between geographic and product diversification, the course emphasizes mergers & acquisitions, alliances, and organic growth as venues for firm expansion.

Meet Dr. Kriauciunas, Executive Director of Purdue EMBA Programs, and learn more about his Global Strategy course.

Please note course offerings and faculty are subject to change.