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Applied Management Principles Testimonials

Since its inception in 1998, nearly 1,000 participants have completed the Applied Management Principles, or AMP, program. This mini-MBA program has taught professionals from a wide range of companies including Alcoa, Wabash National, Dow Agro-Sciences, Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis Colts, and Sun Chemical.

Read what a few of our many participants have to say about AMP:


Smita Carneiro“If, like me, you’ve been in technical positions for some time and would like to explore the management field, then AMP is just right for you. I benefitted most from Strategy and Negotiations.”

-Smita Carneiro, Active Directory Systems Engineer, Ross Enterprise Center

Anna Dietrich"This program would be very beneficial for a working professional who is considering a return to the classroom to earn an MBA. The coursework scratches the surface and provides strong insights to the MBA curriculum. The structure allows the time for intentional learning, where personal goals can be set for immediate application back at the organization. In addition to the course work, a key benefit was getting to know other industry people and learning from their career paths and experiences."

-Anna Dietrich, Human Resource Manager, Cummins (Following AMP, Anna enrolled in Purdue's Executive MBA program, Class of 2019. AMP participants can apply the fee they paid for the program to their EMBA tuition if they start their degree program in the subsequent 24 months.)

Myra Hill“The value of the program lies in not only the excellent faculty chosen to lead the classes but the diverse backgrounds of the other attendees. The program was a great refresher of undergraduate classes and reinvigorated my desire to finish my MBA. All while lending to be a great source for new networking outlets and the vision that while all industries and companies may be different, we all face similar if not the same challenges. The class would also be valuable to those who have a non-business degree to begin to have a better understanding of the business disciplines."

-Myra Hill, Supply Chain Director, Tecomet, Inc.

Weston Dunker“As a marketing manager in the wire and cable industry, I often find myself buried in the day-to-day activities of work and don’t have an opportunity to think and act strategically. AMP gave me an opportunity to hit the reset button and approach work from a renewed perspective. The course content on strategy, marketing, and negotiations combined with a setting that included various professionals in other roles at other companies provided the perfect learning environment. I was able to discuss concepts and ideas and receive honest feedback from others in both similar and unique situations, and have since been able to apply these concepts to get more out of each and every day back in the workplace."

-Weston Dunker, Corporate Marketing Manager, Rea Magnet Wire

DeJuian Norris“The AMP program is one that I would recommend for any professional who is contemplating pursuing an MBA. The week-long class fit my learning style very well, from the daily sessions, to the scheduled breaks, to each professor’s individual style, to the different viewpoints from PhD students and industry attendees. All staff involved in the program were so courteous and eager to help you in any way that they could. I have left the class with a big decision to make and I am excited to start those discussions.”

-DeJuian Norris, Project Manager, Purdue University

Corey Park“I would definitely recommend AMP to others. The program is structured in such a way that people in all levels of business can benefit from the material presented, either through the well-presented lecture material, through the great group talks, or in the many breakout sessions. Anyone who is preparing to take the next steps in their career could greatly benefit from the broad knowledge presented in AMP. If you are thinking of furthering your education and aren’t sure if it’s for you, I would recommend this program as a great warm up for what going back to school could be like.”

-Corey Park, Territory Manager, Trouw Nutrition

Scott McCloud

"I'm someone from a technical background who evolved into a managerial role, and wanted to stay ahead of the curve. My company considered similar programs at other business schools, but AMP is the best of its kind. It exceeded my expectations."

-Scott McCloud, Senior Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Bluegrass Cellular

Greg Taylor

"Krannert's AMP was a standout program for me in the way it was delivered and the attitude of the faculty. I was immersed in a high impact mini-MBA program for two weeks. Another highlight of AMP was the ability to network with like-minded professionals before, during, and after class. Having this group of people to network with and bounce ideas off of was worth the price of admission. I highly recommend AMP to those who want to be more business-minded but don’t have the time now for a full MBA program."

-Greg Taylor, Director, EHS Training, Martin Resource Management Corporation

Kenny Ray

"Purdue’s Applied Management Principles program profoundly changed the way I market the services of my company to our customers. AMP impressed upon me that the act of creating, communicating and delivering value must be seen through the lens of the customer looking back at the marketer."

-Kenny Ray, Director of Transportation Safety, Martin Transport, Inc.

cooper-blaine.jpg"AMP is an excellent way for business managers who are in non-administrative roles to get an understanding of all aspects of business administration. It’s helped me to become a well-rounded manager and a better contributor to my company’s business strategy and improvement initiatives."

-Blaine Cooper, President, Availent Systems

Shavonne Shorter"We no longer live in a world where the best job candidates possess either technical business skills or have a background in the liberal arts. Indeed the most successful job seekers have undergone training in both areas. This makes them a tremendous asset to any company as they can work in a variety of different capacities. As a doctoral student in Communication, I decided to enroll in the AMP program to gain a better understanding of technical concepts such as accounting, strategy, and finance. Participating in the program was one of the best decisions that I have made. I valued the fact that I received training from award-winning professors who are among the best and most knowledgeable in their respective fields. I appreciated the opportunity to work through concepts together with my program colleagues."

-Shavonne Shorter, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, Bloomsburg University