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Jayme Richardson

Project Manager, Veterinary Specialty Center

"One of the best things I learned from participating in Purdue's Veterinary Practice Management Program was how to motivate, reward and keep employees. This is particularly difficult to accomplish in the veterinary industry due to the high stress and compassion fatigue. The program thoroughly demonstrated how expensive it is to continuously train new employees compared to keeping them and, for this reason, it has proven invaluable."

"You also will network with like-minded individuals in the industry who want to better their hospitals and themselves. I have formed amazing relationships, and our network has continued to support each other even after the program ended."


Kristen Thomas

Cohort 28 Participant

“The people who teach here are genius, and excited to teach, and share what they know. By the end, you walk away with an invaluable understanding of business.”

“Everyone would benefit from VPMP. Practice owners, managers, and veterinarians, in particular, need this knowledge most. Veterinary students, too, have so much to gain from this.”



Jennie Killian


"Each of the modules provided valuable information to take home. I completed the finance module first and learned a lot about the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet. I still refer back to my notes over a year later. The HR module really opened up my eyes about how to leverage my team and focus on staff satisfaction. I felt very comfortable knowing that these things take time and that I should not feel rushed through the process. We even brought some of the class exercises back and did them with the staff. They had a blast! The strategic-thinking module was the last one I completed and was the perfect finishing topic. It made me much more aware of how to approach the big tasks that we try and swallow whole during our busy days. I plan to send doctors from my staff who eventually will play an administrative role in the practice."


Katie Bauer

Cohort 28 Participant

“As a veterinary student, I would recommend this program to all of my colleagues. I have learned so much, built an incredible amount of confidence as a veterinary professional, and made valuable connections. I have left each module inspired and more motivated about the career I am pursuing.”



Kate Nechamkin

Hospital Manager, Hope Advanced Veterinary Center

"I truly enjoyed my time working through the Veterinary Practice Management certificate program at Purdue. I found each module interesting and thought-provoking. The concepts and group discussions really allowed me to think about my own hospital in a different way. The networking was another great part of this experience. I met colleagues from similar hospitals all over the country, and we have kept in touch throughout the program."

"I would definitely recommend this program to other practice managers to help them increase their knowledge and form long-lasting relationships with their peers."


Cohort 29 Participant

“I loved how interactive each module was. It was great to work in groups and getting to know people that work alongside but in different positions to mine. Hearing their experiences and perspectives enriched my career.”



Donna Mandato

RVT, Practice Manager, North Georgia Veterinary Specialists

"Having the opportunity to expand my knowledge and broaden my horizon at Purdue has been a true blessing. I have expanded my way of thinking and have been given insight into a new approach to something I have been doing for 25 years."

"Communication and teamwork are two main ingredients for success in any business, and these are some of the many important lessons I have learned. I was given a chance to collaborate and gain new and fresh ideas from other professionals, and I will always be grateful for this wonderful experience."