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MS Marketing

Master of Science in Marketing



North America, 2021

Helping students develop the knowledge and skills needed for a variety of marketing positions, Purdue's 10-month Master of Science in Marketing (MSM) provides specialized education to prepare students for careers in marketing consulting, marketing research/analytics, UX/UI design, or business development.

The MSM program builds on Purdue's outstanding reputation and has received many notable rankings from renowned publications such as QS World University Rankings, Financial Engineer, and more.

Purdue University is recognized as one of the safest campus communities in the U.S. according to multiple sources including (Top 10 in the U.S.).  In addition, the Protect Purdue initiative ensures the health and safety of the Purdue community in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.



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Specialized Marketing Education

Purdue’s MS Marketing program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for a career in marketing. Our curriculum includes learning application tools that are essential for marketing. For analytics-focused marketers, we offer courses that teach advanced tools such as R and Python for marketers.

Tailored Curriculum

Various elective courses, consulting projects, and small group immersion courses provide students many opportunities to tailor the program to their career plans.  

Consulting Projects

“Learning-by-doing” activities such as consulting projects allow students to apply concepts that they are learning in the classroom to real-world problems. Active-learning projects supervised by Purdue faculty members help students turn expertise into experience and classroom knowledge into career success.

Immersion Courses

Elective courses provide in-depth knowledge around a focused topic. Immersion courses allow a small group of students to work closely with a Krannert faculty member and an industry expert to solve a current marketing problem.

Marketing Forums

Opportunities to network with Krannert alumni and meet various business leaders and entrepreneurs.