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Research Achievements

Doing Research at Purdue Krannert

Our doctoral students are actively working on a variety of research projects and attending professional conferences.  Below are examples of their successes.

Krannert PhD Research Symposium

The awardees for the "Best Presentation" within their respective sessions were selected by faculty judges to be recognized for their success in presenting and communicating their research to an audience of their Krannert peers. The awardees are:

2020 Krannert PhD Research Symposium Awardees

  • Sameer Borwankar (Management Information Systems): Business Complexity of Platforms and Acquisitions
  • Poyraz Bozkurt (Supply Chain & Operations Management): The Success of Women Leadership in Fighting Covid-19: Evidence from U. S. Nursing Homes
  • Ashish Chandra (Quantitative Methods): Probability Quantification for Network Reliability
  • Yipu Deng (Management Information Systems): More than the Quantity: The Value of Editorial Reviews for a UGC Platform
  • Yurani Arias Granada (Agricultural Economics): Understanding the Effectiveness of Public vs Private Distribution Systems: Measuring the Impact of Malawi's Farm Input Subsidy Reforms
  • Sunham Kim (Economics): Multi-Dimensional Human Capital, Worker Migration, and Development Accounting of U. S. States
  • Xinxin Lyu (Economics): Effective Social Learning in a Directed Network Structure
  • Alex Marchal (Economics): Free Riding to Herd Immunity: Relating Parental Cooperative Behavior to Vaccine Hesitancy
  • Diego Martin (Economics): Long-effect or Short-effect of Forced Displacement in Poverty? Evidence from Columbia
  • Ei Sandi Nwe (Strategic Management): CSR Enhancing Acquisitions: Being Strategic in Social Dimensions
  • Linh Nguyen (Economics): Test for Structural Changes in Trade Flows. Case Study: India's Export
  • Lindsay Mechem Rosokha (OBHR): Social Undermining in Dual-Earner Couples: The Role of Recovery and Implications for Family-Work Conflict and Performance
  • Kinshuk Sharma (OBHR): The Effects of Sacrifice Motivation on Stress and Team Affect
  • Weilong Wang (Management Information Systems): Matching Value Between Online Streamers and Advertisers: An Empirical Analysis
  • Chen Wei (Economics): Cooperation in Queueing Systems
  • Daniel Woods (Economics): Using QRE Simulations for Power Analysis
  • Jian Wu (Supply Chain & Operations Management): Preference Robust Optimization for Quasi-concave Choice Functions
  • Lu Yan (Marketing): Donors, Buyers and Information Disclosure in Crowdfunding Markets
  • Xuewen Yu (Economics): A Two Step Procedure for Testing Partial Parameter Stability in Cointegrated Regression Models
  • Junya Zhou (Economics): Costly Verification and Commitment in Communication: An Experimental Analysis

2019 Krannert PhD Research Symposium Awardees

  • Daniel Bonin (Economics): Economic Preconditions of Mass Shootings
  • Sameer Borwankar (Management Information Systems): Likelihood of an Acquisition and Innovation Trajectory in Digital M&A
  • Debasmita Das (Economics): Understanding the Effects of Work Requirement Rules: Evidence from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Yipu Deng (Management Information Systems): Donation Meets Reward: En Empirical Examination of Contribution Dynamics in Crowdfunding
  • Logan Emery (Economics): Web Based Peers and IPO Peer Effects
  • Aaron Fehl (Economics): Cross-border Shopping for Perishable Goods - Evidence of the Illinois State Lottery
  • Indulekha Guha (Economics): Hate Crimes and Penalty Enhancement Laws
  • Ilango Guru Muniasamy (Management Information Systems): Agent Based Modeling for Identifying a Soccer Club's Optimal Strategy in the European Soccer Transfer Market
  • Sunham Kim (Economics): Lifting the Curfew
  • Catherine Kleshinski (Organizational Behavior and Human Resources): The Company We Keep: The Implications of Coworker Friendships for Employee Resources, Well-Being and Work Outcomes
  • Yuanchen Li (Supply Chain & Operations Management): Which Quality Information Influences Consumer Choice: Yelp Reviews or Government Ratings? Evidence from Nursing Homes
  • Xiaotian Liu (Economics): Estimating a SARAR Model Based on the Indirect Inference Principle
  • Rixing Tess Lou (Accounting): Are Analysts Providing More Information Following Debt Convenant Violations?
  • Alex Marchal (Economics): Cooperation Behavior and How Parents Decide Whether to Vaccinate Their Children
  • Mouli Modak (Economics): Team Competition in Presence of Diversity
  • Spencer Pearce (Organizational Behavior and Human Resources): Accountability and Departments: A Multilevel Study of Interpersonal Interaction Effects
  • Mason Reasner (Economics): Geography of Defense: Aggregate consequences of Place-Based Policy
  • Lindsay Mecham Rosokha (Organizational Behavior and Human Resources): Intervention Crafting to Take Hold (or Not): Exploring Aligned and Subversive Implementation of a Complex Organizational Work-Life Intervention in a Field Experiment
  • Kinshuk Sharma (Organizational Behavior and Human Resources): Are Aspects of Trust Culture-free? Explorations of Trust in a 30-nation Study
  •  Weilong Wang (Management Information Systems): Estimating the Value of Destination Disclosure: A Dynamic Structural Model in a Transportation Network
  • Daniel Woods (Economics): Network Defense of Behavioral Biases: An Experimental Study
  • Mingtao Xu (Strategic Management): Litigating Patent Monetization and Patent Trolls: Evidence from the America Invents Act
  • Danyang Zhang(Economics): Learning from International Trade: Asymmetric Cultural Transmission and Gender Discrimination

2018 Krannert PhD Research Symposium Awardees

  • Mohammed Alyakoob (Management Information Systems): Shared Prosperity (or Lack Thereof) in the Sharing Economy
  • Logan Emery (Finance): Centrality and Stock Returns in a Network of Firms Websites
  • Clint Harris (Economics): Estimating Perceived Returns to College
  • Vandith Pamuru Subrmanya Rama (Management Information Systems): Generalized Second Price Auction with Frictions: A Study of Efficiency and Bidding Behavior
  • Kinshuk Sharma (OBHR): Structured for Innovation: How Structural Antecedents affect Team-level Innovation Success
  • Daniel Woods (Economics): Decomposing Effects in Matrix Games
  • Mingtao Xu (Strategic Management): Practicing and Litigating Patent Monetization: A Theory of NPEs
  • Xuewen Yu (Economics): Bootstrap Procedures for Detecting Multiple Persistence Shifts in a Heteroskedastic Time Series

2017 Krannert PhD Research Symposium Awardees

  • Logan Emery (Finance): Expanding Horizons: The Effect of Information Access on Geographically Biased Investing
  • Stanton Hudja (Economics): Voting For Experimentation
  • Catherine Kleshinski (OBHR): Dyads at Work and at Home: An Investigation of Agreement, Reciprocity, and Similarity in Employees’ Relationships with their Leaders and Significant Others
  • Mouli Modak (Economics): Dynamics of Cournot Competition in General Equilibrium
  • Vandith Pamuru (Management Information Systems): Businesses at the Intersection of Virtual and Physical Worlds: A Study of Pokemon Go on Restaurants
  • Benjamin Raymond (Economics): Endogenous Network Formation in Job Search
  • Danqing Shen (Economics): Marriage, Divorce, and Sorting: A Reassessment of Unilateral Divorce Laws

Robert W. Johnson Awards for Distinguished Research

To be eligible for the Robert W. Johnson Award for Distinguished Research Proposal, a student must submit a proposal for the PRF grant competition during the academic year. Only students who are eligible candidates for a PRF grant will be considered for the research proposal award. The award is based on the merit of the PRF proposal. The ranking of PRF grant proposals is done by separate panels of faculty members for Economics and Management.  The members of these panels are appointed by the respective policy heads.

RWJ Award 2016-17

Peter Wagne (left, Economics),for his 2016-17 PRF proposal entitled: “I Think that you Think…” An Experimental Analysis of Level-k Rule Learning in Repeated Mixed-Strategy Games

Shiau-Ling Guo (right, Strategic Management), for her 2016-17 PRF proposal entitled: Contractual Governance in Inter-Organizational Relationships: Evidence from the U.S. Franchise Industry

J and Warut

James Bland (left, Economics), for his 2015-16 PRF proposal entitled: The Roommate’s Dilemma: An Experimental Analysis of Choice Bracketing in Games

Warut Khern-am-nuai (right, Management Information Systems), for his 2015-16 PRF proposal entitled: Incentive Problems in Digital Markets

Evan Totty and Na Zhang
2014 - 2015

Evan Toddy (left, Economics), for his 2014-15 PRF proposal entitled: Minimum Wages and Employment: A Factor Model Analysis

Na Zhang (right, Management Information Systems), for her 2014-15 PRF proposal entitled: Essays on Nudging Consumers’ Behavior: Evidence from Online Grocery Shopping

Introduction to their research: Evan Totty and Na Zhang

2013 - 2014

Zachary “Zack” Davis (left, Economics), for his 2013-2014 PRF proposal entitled: Do For-Profit Schools Target Veterans? The 90/10 Rule and Its Consequences

William “Bill” O’Brien (right, Finance), for his 2013-14 PRF proposal entitled: Does the Dominant Motivation for Share Repurchases Vary Over Time?


Hyojung Lee (left, Economics), for her 2012-2013 PRF proposal entitled: Income Elasticity of Demand and Volatility.

Jianqing “Fisher” Wu (right, Management Information Systems), for his 2012-13 PRF proposal entitled: Bundling and Renting of Information Goods.

Research Awards 2011-2012
2011 - 2012

Jaehong Kim (left, Economics), for his 2011-12 PRF proposal entitled: Repeated Directed Search.

Jing Wang (right, Finance), for her 2011-12 PRF proposal entitled: Debt Contract Renegotiations.

Research Award 2010

Justin Krieg (left, Economics), for his 2010-2011 PRF proposal entitled: When Cooperative Subjects Aren’t so Cooperative.

Hung Do (right, Supply Chain and Operations Management), for his 2010-2011 PRF proposal entitled: Backward Partial Information Sharing and Its Usage for Decision Making in Supply Chains.

Research Award 2009

Alex Kim (left, Marketing), for his 2009-2010 PRF proposal entitled: Optimal Number of Advertising Slots in a Generalized Second Price Auction for Search Advertising.

Bettina Klose (right, Economics), for her 2009-10 PRF proposal entitled: Identity-dependent Externalities in All-pay Auctions.

Internal Research Awards

Krannert PhD students consistently win several internal fellowships or research grants from Krannert School of Management, Purdue Graduate School, Office of the Vice President for Research, and other units on campus. Here is an example list:

Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship

The Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship was established to provide support to outstanding Ph.D. candidates. The fellowship is provided to Krannert by the Purdue University Graduate School. Recipients are expected to devote full-time effort to the completion of all requirements necessary to receive their doctoral degree at the conclusion of the fellowship tenure. Nominations are handled only at the college level. Here is an example list of awardees:

  • 2021-2022: Xuewen Yu (Economics)
  • 2020-2021: Debasmita Das (Economics)
  • 2019-2020: Mingtao Xu (Strategic Management)
  • 2018-2019: Daniel Woods (Economics)
  • 2016-2017: Shiao-Ling Guo (Strategic Management)
  • 2015-2016: Warut Khern-am-nuai (Management Information Systems)
  • 2014-2015: Evan Totty (Economics)
  • 2013-2014: Huanren Zhang (Economics)
  • 2011-2012: Hailiang Chen (Management Information Systems), Kyoungsun Lee (Operations Management)
  • 2010-2011: Jinsuh Lee (Marketing)
  • 2009-2010: Bettina Klose (Economics), Li Yao (Accounting)
  • 2008-2009: Anca Cristea (Economics), Ta-Wei Wang (Management Information Systems)
  • 2007-2008: Gohar Stepanyan (Finance)
  • 2006-2007: David Lehman (OBHR)

Krannert School of Management Dean's Service Award

  • 2020-2021: Indulekha Guha (Economics)
  • 2019-2020: Town Oh (Economics)

Krannert Doctoral Student Research Funds Award

The Krannert Doctoral Student Research Funds are one-year awards made possible by the Krannert School of Management to support graduate doctoral students engaged in thesis research for their Ph.D. degree.

  • 2021: Sameer Borwankar (Management Information Systems); Poyraz Bozkurt (Supply Chain & Operations Management); Viet Dung Doan (Finance); Jieqiong Jin (Economics); Catherine Kleshinski (OBHR); Chan Lim (Finance); Xinxin Lyu (Economics); Rajan Mishra (Marketing); Mouli Modak (Economics); Lindsay Mechem Rosokha (OBHR); Julia Street (OBHR); Jing Tang (Strategic Management); Qian Wang (Finance); Wenqian Wang (Strategic Management); Xuewen Yu (Economics); Danyang Zhang (Economics); Junya Zhou (Economics)
  • 2020: Sameer Borwankar (Management Information Systems); Shrijata Chattopadhyay (Finance); Yipu Deng (Management Information Systems); Jianing Ding (Management Information Systems); Viet Dung Doan (Finance); Zheng Fang (Management Information Systems); Catherine Kleshinski (OBHR); Lei Li (Supply Chain & Operations Management); Jianing Li (Supply Chain & Operations Management); Xiaotian Liu (Economics); Mouli Modak (Economics); Lindsay Mechem Rosokha (OBHR); Moonsik Shin (Strategic Management); Daniel Woods & Stanton Hudja (Economics); Cyril Tae Um (Strategic Management); Weilong Wang (Management Information Systems); Wenqian Wang (Strategic Management); Lu Yan (Marketing); Ha Yoon Yee (Accounting); Xuewen Yu (Economics); Xuejun Zhao (Supply Chain & Operations Management); Junya Zhou (Economics)

Krannert School Doctoral Fellowship Awards for Excellence in Research

The Krannert School Doctoral Fellowship Awards for Excellence in Research are one-year awards made by the Krannert School of Management to assist doctoral graduate students with research in the development of new or the continuation of ongoing research projects by providing support for a half-time (.50 FTE) Graduate Assistantship at the standard Krannert half-time rate. The Academic Advisor or Project Director nominates a student to be supported on the award. The nominated student will be reviewed with respect to his/her scholastic achievement and research potential.  Here is an example list of awardees:

2021-2022: TBA by August 1, 2021

PRF Research Grant

The PRF Research Grants are one-year awards made by the Office of the Vice President for Research to assist faculty who supervise Ph.D. research in the development of new or the continuation of ongoing research projects by providing support for a half-time (.50 FTE) PRF Research Assistantship at the standard Krannert half-time rate. All graduate faculty members who supervise Ph.D. research are eligible to apply for a grant usually in the Spring semester (subject to the announcement). The Project Director (Major Professor) nominates a student to be supported on the grant. The nominated student will be reviewed with respect to his/her scholastic achievement and research potential.  Here is an example list of awardees:

  • 2020-2021: Viet Dung Doan (Finance), Sunham Kim (Economics), Ei Sandi Nwe (Strategic Management), Lu Yan (Marketing)
  • 2019-2020: Mouli Modak (Economics), Sameer Borwankar (Management Information Systems), Xuewen Yu (Economics)
  • 2018-2019: Yifei Xu (Economics), Mike Woeppel (Finance), Ming Lei (Marketing)
  • 2016-2017: Jiatong Zhong (Economics), Lusi Wu (OBHR), Peter Wagner (Economics)
  • 2015-2016: James Bland (Economics), Sebastian Linde (Economics), Wonsang Ryu (Strategic Management), Yanchu Wang (Finance)
  • 2014-2015: Chineze Christopher (Economics), Jinhak Kim (Quantitative Methods), Na Zhang (Management Information Systems), Wanqing Zhang (Marketing)
  • 2013-2014: Bill O'Brien (Finance), Chris Hartwell (OBHR), Fatemeh Momeni (Economics), SunAh Kim (Marketing), Zack Davis (Economics)

Purdue University Graduate School Summer Research Grant

The Purdue University Graduate School Summer Research Grant is awarded to support Ph.D students' progress on their research.  Here is an example list of awardees:

  • 2021: Shahidul Islam (Economics); Sung Joo Kim (Management Information Systems
  • 2020: Cathlin Upton (Accounting), Xiaoyan Zhou (Economics)
  • 2019: Yuanchen Li (Supply Chain & Operations Management), Rixing Lou (Accounting)
  • 2018: Moonsik Shin (Strategic Management)
  • 2015: Jacob Brindley (Economics), Tianfu Wang (Marketing)
  • 2014: Amanda Cook (Economics), Chris Hartwell (OBHR), Jacob Brindley (Economics), Xiaoxiao Li (Economics)
  • 2013: Brittany Teahan (Economics), Chris Hartwell (OBHR), Zhonghui “Hugo” Wang (Strategic Mamagement), Patrick Bruning (OBHR)
  • 2012: Joshua Austin (Economics), Ji Hong Min (Marketing)
  • 2009: Jason Stanfield (Accounting)

External Research Awards

Krannert PhD students consistently win several external awards or fellowships from different organizations and conferences. Here is an example list:


  • AEA CSWEP Fellowship: Pritha Chaudhuri (2018, 2017)
  • NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Jingjing Zhang (2007)


  • BKD Scholars: Thomas Godwin and Duke Ferguson (2017-2018)
  • Crowe Horwath Scholars: Ben Angelo and Tess Lou (2017-2018)
  • American Accounting Association Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Thomas Godwin (2018), Ben Angelo (2017), Kyung Lee (2014), Paul Ordyna (2013), Harold Lopez (2012), KoEun Park (2011), Sumantra Chakravarty (2010), Li Yao (2009), Mauricio Melgarejo (2008), Hsin-Tsai Liu (2007)
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting Section (of the American Accounting Association) Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Harold Lopez (2012), KoEun Park (2011), Melvin Lamboy and Mauricio Melgarejo (2010), Hsin-Tsai Liu and Sam Pae (2008)
  • International Accounting Section (of the American Accounting Association) Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Sumantra Chakravarty (2011)
  • American Taxation Association/KPMG Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Thomas Godwin (2017, 2016), Jason Stanfield (2010)
  • European Accounting Association Doctoral Colloquium: Sumantra Chakravarty (2011)
  • BYU Accounting Research Symposium: Paul Ordyna (2014, 2012)
  • Doctoral Internationalization Consortium Fellow: Sumantra Chakravarty and Li Yao (2009)
  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Minority Doctoral Fellowship: Melvin Lamboy (2007-2008)


  • FMA Doctoral Student Consortium Fellow: Jing Wang (2012), Stephen McKeon (2010)
  • The Q-Group Jack Treynor Prize: Huseyin Gulen & Stefano Cassella (2016)

Management Information Systems

  • ICIS Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Warut Khern-am-nuai (2015), Hailiang Chen (2011), Keumseok Kang (2010), Ta-Wei Wang (2008), Mohammad Saifur Rahman (2007)
  • POMS Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Abhishek Ray (2018)
  • AOM OCIS Division Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Keumseok Kang (2009)
  • AMCIS Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Wenqi Shen (2009), Ta-Wei Wang (2008), Mohammad Saifur Rahman (2007), Mukul Gupta (2001)
  • Association of Korean Management Scholars Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Keumseok Kang (2009)
  • Big Ten Information Systems Symposium: Wenqi Shen (2007), Mohammad Saifur Rahman (2006)
  • (ISC)² Foundation Graduate Scholarship Award: Warut Khern-am-nuai (2015)


  • AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Hsin-Chen Lin (2012), Alex Kim (2011)
  • Annual ISBM Doctoral Support Award Competition Winner: Wanqing Zhang (2016)

Supply Chain and Operations Management

  • INFORMS Annual Meeting Doctoral Student Colloquium: Chengzhang Li (2018)
  • Purdue Sustainable Electronics IGERT Associate: Aditya Vedantam (2012)

Quantitative Methods

  • Available Upon Request

Strategic Management

  • AOM BPS Division Distinguished Paper Award: Kubilay Cirik & Richard Makadok (2017)
  • AOM BPS Division Distinguished Student Paper Award: Jongsoo Kim (2017)
  • AOM BPS Division Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Arkadiy Sakhartov (2011), Cheng-Wei Wu (2011), Brian McCann (2008)
  • AOM ENT Division Distinguished Reviewer Award: Supradeep Dutta (2012)
  • Strategic Management Society (SMS) Doctoral Consortium Fellow: Brian McCann (2007)
  • Association of Korean Management Scholars Best PhD Student Paper Award: Jongsoo Kim (2017)
  • Midwest AOM Janet A. Henquinet Scholarship: Jongsoo Kim (2017)
  • Midwest AOM Outstanding Reviewer Award: Bart Sharp (2007)
  • Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) Scholarship: Joonhyung Bae (2018), Jongsoo Kim (2017)
  • BCERC Stevens Institute Wesley J. Howe Best Paper Award: Ramakrishna Devarakonda (2015)
  • Kauffman Foundation Fellowship Award: Brian McCann (2007)

Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management (OBHR)

  • AOM OB Division Best Paper Award: Lusi Wu (2015)
  • AOM OB Division Outstanding Reviewer Award: Christopher Hartwell (2014)

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