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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  • Yih, Y. and Chaturvedi, A., (2009). Service enterprise modeling, in Introduction to Service Engineering. Wiley Press,
  • Alok Chaturvedi, Angela Mellema, Chih-Hui Hsieh, Tejas Bhatt, Mike Cheng, Eric Dietz, Simeon Stearns (2007). Decision Support for Security: A Mixed Reality Approach to Bio-terror Preparedness and Response. Handbook on Decision Support Systems, Springer-Verlag,

Conference Paper (refereed)

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Book (edited)

  • Amass, Bhunia, Chaturvedi, Peeta, Dolk, Attalah (Editors) (2006). Advances in Homeland Security, Volume I: The Science of Homeland Security. Purdue University Press,
  • Amass, Chaturvedi, Peeta (Editors) (2006). Advances in Homeland Security, Volume II: Guiding Future Homeland Security Policy- Directions for Scientific Inquiry. Purdue University Press,

Other Publications

  • Chaturvedi, A., Choudhary, V., & Tomak, K. (1998). Economic Benefits of Software Renting. vol. 8 (4), 277-305.