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The Larsen Leaders Academy


a desire to learn?
a desire to lead?
a desire to succeed?

Then you belong in the Larsen Leaders Academy.

Take your next step with the Larsen Leaders Academy, where high-achieving business students receive enhanced academic and professional learning opportunities and experiences.

LLA students learn problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, deepen their analytical insight and cultural intelligence, and gain a curiosity and passion for making the world better. They are accomplished, prepared and dynamic leaders, ready to take their giant leap into the business world.

"It has allowed me to make a lot of connections and new friends, and to learn a lot about the business world."

Daniel Rauf, Class of 2024

Two students look over class notes in the Rawls lobby

Larsen Students

  • are challenged in their coursework, including two courses open only to academy students
  • can immediately start taking courses associated with their declared major; LLA students are exempt from standard preliminary academic requirements
  • learn leadership skills as LLA Executive Student Board members
  • mentor fellow students 
  • can benefit from special grants and scholarships
  • thrive under high expectations


The Larson Leaders Academy rewards success. High schoolers who meet the following requirements are admitted to the academy:

  • 1320 or higher on the SAT, or 28 or higher on the ACT
  • unweighted GPA of 3.7 or higher

Learn more about admission to the academy.

"Larsen Leaders Academy introduced me to like-minded, hardworking, and dedicated people, and gave me access to special events that have enriched my education outside of the classroom."

Luca Olivito, Class of 2024

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