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Economics majors are curious and critical observers who examine the cause and effect of decisions made by individuals and groups. Economists look at incremental steps that add up to a giant leap. Microeconomic, macroeconomic and data analytics courses will build foundational knowledge. You’ll take advanced courses in game theory, behavioral economics, and international trade. Many graduates pursue advanced degrees, while others work as analysts at consulting firms, investment banks or government agencies.

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Careers in Economics

Project Manager | Investment Analyst | Financial Analyst | Business Analyst


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"I thought the Economics degree would be like other majors that have a very specific career path but what surprised me was that it was so diverse and wide open. It was really how do you want to take you career?"

Tyler Walter, BS Economics, West Monroe Partners

Experiences in Economics

Learn about the clubs, organizations, and opportunities available to students in Economics.

Clubs and Organizations

Getting involved with clubs and organizations allows students to further explore and apply the concepts they are learning outside the classroom. Networking with fellow students through clubs and organizations can also benefit them well into their careers, as fellow students will be the industry professionals of tomorrow. With a variety of options to join, students in Economics will be able to find a perfect fit. From the Purdue Economics Association to Women in Business, there is an organization for everyone.

Study Abroad

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, gaining international experience has become essential. Whether it's over the summer or for a whole semester, students in Economics are highly encouraged to study abroad. Through a semester spent internationally, you will enrich your academics by experiencing another culture and broaden your personal horizons. Some of the countries that offer exchange programs with Purdue students include Denmark, Italy, Korea, and New Zealand.

Professional Opportunities

As a student in Economics, you will have many opportunities to develop your professional skill set. Attend the Economics Department's seminar series, which hosts more than 30 distinguished external speakers every academic year. These seminars also feature current Purdue faculty and graduate students presenting their latest economic research. Apply to be a research assistant in the Vernon Smith Experimental Economics Laboratory or for the Purdue University Research Center in Economics.

Admissions & Next Steps

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