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Our marketing major gives students the tools they need to research, analyze and develop advertising for targeted markets based on data. Our graduates manage some of the world’s biggest brands. Marketing allows you to flex both analytical and creative muscles. You’ll study new product development, digital marketing strategy and social media marketing. It is critical for the success of any for-profit business, but non-profit organizations like museums, hospitals, and charities also rely heavily on the success of their marketing.

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"I would recommend Krannert for all incoming students just because of the opportunities that they provide to you."

Kailyn Burns, BS Marketing, Oracle

Experiences in Marketing

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Study Abroad

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, including international experience within higher education has become crucial. As a Marketing major at Krannert, you'll have a wide selection of study abroad programs to choose from. We offer two major-specific programs, one for general marketing and another that focuses on international marketing. No matter the distance or duration of the program, you will find the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Clubs and Organizations

At Purdue, developing your knowledge and skills continues outside the classroom. The Purdue Marketing Association is dedicated to educating its members on various aspects of the marketing industry as well as to offering experiences in marketing through projects and activities.

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