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GPA Calculator

Krannert students are encouraged to use the GPA calculators in myPurdue Plan.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of your calculations if you do not have the assistance of your Academic Advisor.

How to calculate your Semester or Graduation Index.

  • Add up the number of hours of A+, A-, A, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, and F that you have earned.
  • Place totals in the appropriate boxes below.
  • Grades of P, N, and I are not used in the calculation.
  • Grades of WF are not included in the GPA calculation.
  • If a course has been repeated, use only the second enrollment information in the calculation.
  • Click the submit button and the calculator will calculate the values for you.

Management Admissions Index/Economics Admissions Index (MAI/EAI): additional information for calculations.

  • Only those grades earned through Purdue courses apply, including regional campuses
  • At least four different MAI/EAI course grades are needed to calculate the GPA
  • Courses taken outside of Purdue/Regional campuses are not included in this GPA
  • Work with your advisor to determine if additional Purdue course grades are needed to establish alternate MAI/EAI requirements
X 4.0 = Points
X 3.7 = Points
X 3.3 = Points
X 3.0 = Points
X 2.7 = Points
X 2.3 = Points
X 2.0 = Points
X 1.7 = Points
X 1.3 = Points
X 1.0 = Points
X 0.7 = Points
X 0.0 = Points

How to calculate the Semester Index necessary to change your Graduation Index to a desired value.

  • Use this to calculate how your graduation index will change based on the semester index you receive.
  • You will need to know how many hours and points you have before this semester's grades are added to your graduation index. You can calculate those in part 1 or in some cases you can read them off your most recent grade card.
  • A grade in a second enrollment in a class replaces the grade and credits of the first enrollment in the class when calculating graduation index.


How will this semester's index change my Graduation Index?