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Domenic Sciortino

Meet  domenic sciortino 

major: finance

Why did you choose Krannert?

I chose Krannert because I am a firm proponent for the idea of balance in student life. Extracurriculars are just as important as schoolwork while also providing a wonderful opportunity to polish many skills that are needed in a modern-day workplace. While other universities had similar opportunities, Krannert felt different. I could tell that students were encouraged heavily to be involved. The opportunities offered for the career path that I wanted were far superior compared to any other school I visited. A Krannert degree can be customized however a student wants, and almost everyone takes advantage of this. The successful, dedicated student culture interested me.

What is your favorite Purdue memory so far?

Krannert felt different. I could tell that students were encouraged heavily to be involved. The opportunities offered for the career path that I wanted were far superior compared to any other school I visited.

My favorite Purdue memory would have to be at the Purdue–Iowa 2019 football game. For context, I am 6’6 and my roommates are 6’5, 6’3, and 5’8. At some point in every football game, the Lion King theme song is played once. The stadium always goes ballistic. As soon as we heard the first note, with his permission, we hoisted the smallest roommate well above our heads and tossed him around for the duration of the song. It is the small memories, the unintentional ones, which leave the biggest impact. I will remember this one forever!

Why did you decide to join Management Ambassadors?

When I came on my Krannert visit, the Ambassador that gave me my tour, Tim, was absolutely phenomenal. I could tell almost immediately that he was a straight shooter, a hard worker, and an all-around great person. When I asked him more about what he was involved in, his eyes lit up specifically when he talked about the Management Ambassadors. Tim spoke of countless opportunities to get involved in Krannert and the greater West Lafayette community through the program. As soon as I was at Purdue, I researched the club and applied right as the application opened. Luckily, I was accepted. The past four years of membership has been nothing short of phenomenal. The Ambassadors is a world-class organization within a world-class university. I am so grateful to have been a part of it!

What has been the biggest benefit of being part of Management Ambassadors?

Easy: the people. I remember looking up to all the upperclassmen when I was a freshman. Seeing those rock stars absolutely crushing it motivated me to work harder than I ever have in my life. Even as a senior, I still look to many members for motivation. The members now are nothing short of phenomenal. Dedicated, driven, and diligent? What more can a president ask for? I have never been around a greater group of people. I am proud to call myself an Ambassador!

Describe the types of events Management Ambassadors does every year.

Aside from weekly panels and tours to prospective students and their families, the Ambassadors put on many events for students and a few for the community as well. Club Expo is the best way to get involved in Krannert. More than 20 Krannert sponsored clubs set up booths and students can walk around and gather more information about what sparks their interest. Current members will run the booths and give great insight into typical club responsibilities. Aside from Club Expo, we also put on two wonderful annual volunteer opportunities. The first, Trick or Can, occurs on Halloween. All the Ambassadors dress up and walk around the West Lafayette suburbs collecting non-perishables for the local homeless shelter. The second, Feel the Warmth, happens around Christmas. For this event, the Ambassadors all get together and make blankets to donate. Even in COVID times, we were able to have both. They were smashing successes!

What has Management Ambassadors added to your college experience both socially and from a professional development standpoint?

This club has definitely molded me into a public speaking enthusiast! As soon as I joined the Ambassadors, I also picked up a minor in communications. I primarily chose this minor because in order to achieve my public speaking potential, I had to learn about effective communication across all different kinds of cultures. The Ambassadors has taught me how to effectively communicate while also being persuasive, informational, and helpful. Skills like this one are paramount in a modern-day workplace. I would recommend that everyone — regardless of their comfort with public speaking — push themselves by working on the skill. It is a tool that many recruiters look for.

Why would you recommend Management Ambassador to other students?

The past four years of membership has been nothing short of phenomenal. The Ambassadors is a world-class organization within a world-class university.

Again, I would say the people! In addition to that, this club is an amazing way to contribute to the legacy you leave behind at Krannert. Every prospective student that I give a tour to would be a phenomenal addition to the Krannert family. Whenever someone chooses us, I know that Krannert just became a better place. For those who would prefer community stewardship opportunities, we are very active in our volunteer work. Maybe professional development is more your speed? We set you up with a mentor as soon as you’re accepted into the club. My mentor, Jeremy, was instrumental in my internship application process as well as giving me pointers for career fairs. I passed on the same help to my mentee, Taylor, who subsequently passed it on to his mentee, Tavian. Having wonderful friends and mentors in your corner makes the college experience so much better.

What other extra-curricular activities do you participate in? What have you learned from those experiences?

In addition to being the president of the Management Ambassadors, I also am the co-founder and acting treasurer of Purdue’s Law Club. As treasurer, I implement what I learned at Krannert by keeping track of every transaction our club makes. I also played Men’s Club Volleyball for a few years! My favorite part about that organization was the volunteer opportunities and teammates. Through these experiences, I have learned what makes a good leader and how to adapt to overcome obstacles. In addition to what I have learned, I have gained lifelong friendships that I will cherish forever. My advice (even though nobody asked for any) would be to get involved in as much as you can. It is a great way to make friends and stay out of trouble!

Other than clubs, what has made a major difference to you when it comes to your college experience? It could be a person, an event, a class, an experience, etc. Tell us about it.

Dr. Don Racheter, my Law Club/Mock Trial Coach, truly changed my entire college experience. A few legal enthusiasts and I founded the club in early 2018. That season without a coach, we were still holding our own at competitions; however, we never truly flourished. Dr. Racheter joined us in 2019 and the club has exceeded expectations since. In fact, we just qualified for the Opening Round Championship Series for the first time in club history! More personally, Dr. Racheter has been a guiding figure in my decision to attend law school after I finish here at Purdue. He is one of the kindest, most insightful men with whom I have luckily crossed paths!

Tell us about your internship(s), and/or tell us about what you will be doing after graduation.

In 2019, I was an executive and legal intern in New York with eHealth Technologies. This was an amazing opportunity to see what goes into the creation, execution, and potential addendums of a healthcare contract. In addition to reporting directly to its chief general counsel, I also reported to the CFO on a few financial related projects. One specifically was creating a database for employee bonuses. All the classwork in Excel and Access really paid off! This past summer, I worked as a summer analyst for Fitch Ratings, a top three credit rating agency located in Chicago. Even though this internship was virtual, I was able to apply everything that I learned in the Krannert classrooms. My second minor in business economics was excellent foundation for this. I specifically analyzed the impact that COVID-19 had on the banking system in the USA and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Asia). I also authored a report on diversity and inclusion and its benefits in the workplace. Both of these internships were excellent experiences. Without Krannert’s preparation, I would not have succeeded in these positions! After I graduate, I think I am set on attending law school! While I may not be sure which university I will select yet, I have great offers on the table. I am beyond thrilled to start this new chapter of my life... I just wish I could stay an extra couple of years at Purdue. Boiler Up!

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