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Short Term Programs

Interested in studying abroad and looking for a short-term study abroad program?

Undergraduate study abroad programs support our mission to provide Krannert students with a transformative experience through participation in a range of study abroad opportunities, from semester programs to Krannert faculty-led programs.

Our goal is to create a diverse choice of immersion experiences in cultures around the world. Students will develop competencies that will allow them to function successfully in a global business environment when they graduate. These opportunities are designed to enhance cultural awareness, develop leadership skills and promote personal and professional growth.

We are committed to making these experiences affordable and to create programs that are integrated with the Krannert curriculum so students stay on track to graduate on time.

Other Purdue short-term programs may also be open for Krannert students. Please search on the Study Abroad website for more information on spring break and summer short-term opportunities that exist at Purdue.

Take advantage of these great short-term programs and apply today!