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Association of Industrial Management Students (AIMS)

This group offers members a chance to connect with other Industrial Management students who are in similar classes and career paths. We strive to foster a sense of community between Industrial Management students through experiential learning, personal growth, social activities, as well as connections with Krannert faculty and alumni. We raise awareness on and off campus for the BSIM major at Purdue University, and continually improve the Industrial Management major with the help of Krannert faculty and alumni. As IM majors, we Dream. Design. Deliver.

Professional Development Events

• Career Development Panel Discussion
   (eg: Live Webinar with the company employees in the week of the career fair) September 11
• Experiential Learning Opportunity (Six Sigma Certificate) October 23rd
• Case study or Case Competition with the company September 25th

Recognition and Branding: Company logo will be present on all marketing material (fliers placed around Krannert School of Management, digital fliers on TV’s in Krannert and Rawls buildings, etc.). Company logo would be present on presentation material, and a verbal recognition of your support would also be given. Company logo would also be present on AIMS website and Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) regarding sponsored events. 

Corporate Sponsorship

Additionally, we are always open to forming strategic corporate partnerships. Industrial Management majors graduate with a wide array of business, technical, and soft-skills that allow them to excel at a variety of entry level positions and eventually take on leadership roles in their organizations. This is evidence by 40% of the 10 person Purdue Board of Trustees being Industrial Management alumni. By partnering with AIMS, a company can gain access to students in a program that is proven to produce high achieving alumni.

Date: ongoing

Financial Support: $1,500

Recognition and Branding: Company logo on all club sponsored apparel, website, and our organization promotional signage. Recognition of your support will be expressed on social media each semester and verbally at non-corporate sponsored professional development events. We will also promote internship/full-time positions or any other of your company events being held on campus that we are aware of or as requested.

Contact Information

President- Brad Koontz
VP of Programming- Manav Nahar