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Recent Publications

Book (edited)

  • Putman, C. (2019). Till We Meet Again. Guidepost,

Book Chapters

  • Campion, E. D., Campion, M. C., & Campion, M. A. (2019). Best practices when using 360 feedback for performance appraisal. Oxford, New York. 19-59.
  • Oliveira O. & Lumineau F. (2019). The Time is Ripe! Using Time Conceptualizations to Advance Research on Interorganizational Relationships. Time Issues in Strategy and Organization, In T. K. Das (Ed.), Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


  • Chan, J., Koop, G., Poirier, D. and Tobias, J. (2019). Bayesian Econometric Methods (Second Edition). Cambridge University Press,

Conference Paper (refereed)

  • Kossek, E. E. (2019). Exploring an Organizational ScienceLens on Faculty Gender and Work Life Inclusion:Conceptualization, Perspectives& Interventions. Purdue Epubs, West Lafayette, Indiana. | Related Website |

Forthcoming Publications

  • Siebert, Ralph (2019). "Estimating Differential Dynamic Merger Effects on Market Structure and Entry in Related Markets", forthcoming. Review of Industrial Organization,
  • Siebert, Ralph (2019). "The Differential Impact of Subsidies Provided under Different R&D Policies", forthcoming. The Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics,
  • Gelder, A, Kovenock, D. & Roberson, B. (2019). All-Pay Auctions with Ties. Economic Theory (forthcoming), | Related Website |
  • Klose, B. & Schweinzer, P. (2019). Auctioning Risk: The All-Pay Auction under Mean-Variance Preferences. Economic Theory,
  • Hartwell, C. J., & Campion, M. A. (2019). Getting social in selection: How social networking website content is perceived and used in hiring. International Journal of Selection and Assessment,
  • Zheng, J., Qi, Z., Dou, Y.&Tan, Y. (2019). How Mega is the Mega? Exploring the Spillover Effect of WeChat Using Graphical Model. Information Systems Research,
  • Zheng, J., Ren, F., Tan, Y.&Chen, X. (2019). Optimizing Two-Sided Promotion for Transportation Network Companies: A Structural Model with Conditional Bayesian Learning. Information Systems Research,
  • Liu, X., Wei, Z., & Xiao, M. (2019). Platform Mispricing and Lender Learning in Peer-to-Peer Lending. Review of Industrial Organization, | Related Website |

Journal Articles

  • Pareek, B., Liu, Q., Ghosh, P. (2019). Ask Your Doctor if This Product is Right for You: A Bayesian Joint Model for Patient Drug Requests and Physician Prescriptions. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, vol. 182 (1), 197-223. | Related Website |
  • Carlos Corona, Lin Nan, and Gaoqing Zhang (2019). Banks' Asset Reporting Frequency and Capital Regulation: An Analysis of Discretionary Use of Fair-Value Accounting. The Accounting Review, vol. 94 (2), 157-178.
  • Kossek, E. E., Thompson, R. J., Lawson, K. M., Bodner, T. , Perrigino, M. , Hammer, L. B., Buxton, O. M., Almeida, D. M., Moen, P. ,Hurtado, D., Wipfli, B., Berkman, L. F., Bray, J. W. (2019). Caring for the Elderly at Work and Home: Can a Randomized Organizational Intervention Improve Psychological Health?. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, vol. 24 (1), 36-54. | Related Website |
  • Berenguer, G., and Shen, Z.J.M. (2019). Challenges and Strategies in Managing Nonprofit Operations: an Operations Management Perspective, forthcoming. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, | Related Website |
  • Ananth Iyer, Omkar Palsule-Desai (2019). Contract Design for the Stockist in Indian Distribution Networks. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, | Related Website |
  • Kossek, E. E. & Ollier-Malaterre A. (2019). Desperately Seeking Sustainable Careers: Redesigning Professional Jobs for the Collaborative Crafting of Reduced Load Work. Journal of Vocational Behavior, | Related Website |
  • Atal, N. Berenguer, G. & Borwankar, S. (2019). Gender diversity issues in the IT industry: How can your sourcing group help?. Business Horizons, vol. 62 (5), 595-602. | Related Website |
  • Lumineau F. & Mulotte L. (2019). How Governance Modes Intertwine Over Time: Beyond an Embeddedness-Based Approach to Post-Acquisition Divestitures. Academy of Management Discoveries, vol. 5 (2), 201-204.
  • Cason, T. & Mui, V.-L. (2019). Individual versus Group Choices of Repeated Game Strategies: A Strategy Method Approach. Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming.
  • Mingcherng Deng, Lin Nan, and Xiaoyan Wen (2019). Information Quality and Endogenous Project Outcomes. Contemporary Accounting Research, vol. 36 (2), 732-757.
  • Zhang, Z., Berenguer, G., and Pan, X (2019). Location, inventory and testing decisions in closed-loop supply chains: a multimedia company. IISE Transactions, vol. 51 (1), 41-56. | Related Website |
  • Gomis-Porqueras, Pedro and Cathy Zhang (2019). Optimal Monetary and Fiscal Policy in a Currency Union with Frictional Goods Markets. Macroeconomic Dynamics,
  • Atmaz, A. & Basak, S. (2019). Option Prices and Costly Short-Selling. Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 134 1-28. | Related Website |
  • Ozmel Umit; Trombley Tim.; Yavuz Deniz. (2019). Outside Insiders. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analyses,
  • Ozmel, U., Trombley, T., and Yavuz, M.D. (2019). Outside Insiders: Does Access to Information Prior to an IPO Generate a Trading Advantage After the IPO?. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis,
  • Lin Nan and Xiaoyan Wen (2019). Penalties, Manipulation, and Investment Efficiency. Management Science, vol. 65 (10), 4878-4900.
  • Wang, Y., Goes, P., Wei, Z., & Zeng, D. (2019). Production of Online Word-of-Mouth: Peer Effects and the Moderation of User Characteristics. Production and Operations Management, vol. 28 (7), 1621-1640. | Related Website |
  • Wang, Y., Goes, P., Wei, Z., & Zeng, D. (2019). Production of Online Word-of-Mouth: Peer Effects and the Moderation of User Characteristics. Production and Operations Management,
  • Chand, Suresh (with Xu, Kim, Bisi and Dada) (2019). Structural Properties of the lost sale problem with fractional lead times. Operations Research Letters,
  • Cason, T. & Wu, S. (2019). Subject Pools and Deception in Agricultural and Resource Economics Experiments. Environmental and Resource Economics, forthcoming.
  • Kovenock, D., Roberson, B. & Sheremeta, R. (2019). The attack and defense of weakest-link networks. Public Choice, | Related Website |
  • Oliveira O. & Lumineau F. (2019). The Dark Side of Interorganizational Relationships: An Integrative Review and Research Agenda. Journal of Management, vol. 45 (1), 231-261.
  • Romero, J. & Rosokha, Y. (2019). The Evolution of Cooperation: The Role of Costly Strategy Adjustments. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, vol. 11 (1), 299-328. | Related Website |
  • Bond, T.N., & Lang, K. (2019). The sad truth about happiness scales. Journal of Political Economy, vol. 127 (4), 1629-1640. | Related Website |
  • Kossek, Ellen Ernst, Rosokha, Lindsay M. & Leana, Carrie R. (2019). Work Schedule Patching in Healthcare: Exploring Implementation Approaches. Work and Occupations, | Related Website |

Proceedings (refereed)

  • Kossek E. & Lee, K. (2019). Fostering gender and work-life inclusion for faculty in Business Schools and Understudied Contexts: An Organizational Science Lens. Abstracts from Oct. 1, 2, 2018 Workshop. (#1837920). Workshop abstracts.. Purdue University Epubs, | Related Website |

Working Papers

  • Kejriwal, M. & Perron, P. & Yu, X. (2019). A Two Step Procedure for Testing Partial Parameter Stability in Cointegrated Regression Models.
  • Kejriwal, M. & Yu, X (2019). Bootstrap Procedures for detecting Multiple Persistence Shifts in a Heteroskedastic Time Series.
  • Zhou, C., Gill, M., Liu, Q. (2019). Empowering Education with Crowdfunding: Empirical Evidence from California Public Schools. | Related Website |
  • Kejriwal, M. & Yu, X. (2019). Generalized Forecast Averaging in Autoregressions with a Near Unit Root.
  • Kejriwal, M. & Li, X. & Totty, E. (2019). Multidimensional Skills and the Returns to Schooling: Evidence from an Interactive Fixed Effects Approach and a Linked Survey-Administrative Dataset.
  • Kejriwal, M. & Zhao, H (2019). Revisiting the Democracy-Growth Nexus: New Evidence from a Dynamic Common Correlated Effects Approach.