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Recent Publications

Forthcoming Publications

  • Chen, W., Wei, Z., & Xie, K. (2022). The Battle for Homes: How Does Home Sharing Disrupt Local Residential Markets?. Management Science, | Related Website |

Journal Articles

  • Bruning, P. F. & Campion, M. A. (2022). Assessing job crafting competencies to predict tradeoffs between competing outcomes. Human Resource Management, vol. 61 (1), 91-116.

  • Kejriwal, M. & Perron, P. & Yu, X (2022). A Two Step Procedure for Testing Partial Parameter Stability in Cointegrated Regression Models. Journal of Time Series Analysis,

  • Fe, E. & Gill, D. & Prowse, V. (2022). Cognitive skills, strategic sophistication, and life outcomes. Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming, | Related Website |

  • Eduardo Fe; David Gill; Victoria Prowse (2022). Cognitive skills, strategic sophistication, and life outcomes. Accepted by Journal of Political Economy,

  • Lenos G. Trigeorgis, Francesco Baldi, and Richard Makadok (2022). Compete, Cooperate, or Both? Integrating the Demand Side into Patent Deployment Strategies for the Commercialization and Licensing of Technology. Academy of Management Review (forthcoming), | Related Website |

  • Esenduran, G., Letizia, P., A. Ovchinnikov (2022). Customization and Returns. Management Science,

  • Zhou, C., Gill, M., Liu, Q. (2022). Empowering Education with Crowdfunding: Empirical Evidence from California Public Schools. Journal of Marketing Research, vol. 59 (1), 97–117. | Related Website |

  • Liao, H., Su, R., Ptashnik, T., & Nielsen, J. (2022). Feeling Good, Doing Good, and Getting Ahead: A Meta-Analytic Investigation of the Outcomes of Prosocial Motivation at Work. Psychological Bulletin, forthcoming.

  • Kubilay Cirik and Richard Makadok (2022). First-Mover Advantages Versus First-Mover Benefits: What’s the Difference and Why Does It Matter?. Academy of Management Review (forthcoming), | Related Website |

  • Nielsen, J., Firth, B., & Crawford, E (2022). For Better and Worse: How Proactive Personality Alters the Strain Responses to Challenge and Hindrance Stressors. Organization Science, forthcoming.

  • Kossek, Ellen Ernst & Kelliher, Claire (2022). Making Flexibility More I-Deal: Advancing Work-Life Equality Collectively. Group and Organization Management,

  • Posthuma, R. A., Campion, E. D., Campion, M. A., & Zhang, H. (2022). National culture moderators of pay for individual performance and the financial performance of multinational enterprises. Applied Psychology, 1-29.

  • W. Jabr and M. Rahman (2022). Online Reviews and the Information Overload: The Role of Selective, Parsimonious and Concordant Top Reviews. MIS Quarterly, vol. forthcoming | Related Website |

  • Rahman, M., Alyakoob, M. (2022). Shared Prosperity (or Lack Thereof) in the Sharing Economy. Information Systems Research, vol. forthcoming | Related Website |

  • Hartwell, C. J., Harrison, J. Tl., Chauhan, R. S., Levashina, J., & Campion, M. A. (2022). Structuring social media assessments in employee selection. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 1-14.

  • Jongsoo Kim & Richard Makadok (2022). Unpacking the “O” in VRIO: The role of workflow interdependence in the loss and replacement of strategic human capital. Strategic Management Journal (forthcoming),

  • Sarzosa, M (2022). Victimization and Skill Accumulation: The Case of School Bullying. Journal of Human Resources, | Related Website |

  • Jongsoo Kim & Richard Makadok (2022). Where the Stars Still Shine: Some Effects of Star-Performers-Turned-Managers on Organizational Performance. Strategic Management Journal (conditionally accepted),

  • Bartels, A., Nahrgang, J. D., Sessions, H., Wilson, K. S., Wu, L. & Law-Penrose, J. C. (2022). With a frown or a smile: How leader affective states spark the leader-follower reciprocal exchange process. Personnel Psychology, vol. 75 147-177.

Other Publications

  • Kossek, E. E., & Kelliher, C. (2022). Mainstreaming Teleworking and Gender Equality: A Double-edged Sword?. OCED, | Related Website |

Working Papers

  • Kejriwal, M. & Nguyen, L. & Yu, X. (2022). Multistep Forecast Averaging with Stochastic and Deterministic Trends.