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Greetings from the KSAA

The Krannert School of Management Alumni Association (KSAA) Board is a proud and committed group of Krannert Alumni who have chosen to offer their time and talents to further the mission of the School of Management by directly engaging students, faculty and alumni.  Krannert has always had a reputation for producing hard working, analytical and well-prepared students with strong leadership qualities who stand ready to make a real difference in the workplace.  The KSAA Board has formalized several committees to serve this mission. 

Student Engagement this committee focuses on all programs and events related to prospective and current student development.  The Doster Leadership Conference (DLC), held every year for our top 100+ Emerging Leaders in Krannert, is one example of our KSAA Board involvement.  In addition, providing student mentors, providing resources for mock interviews, mentors for student organizations, judging case competitions and other student professional developments needs brought forward by the School of Management as priorities is the primary focus of this group.

Strategic Eventsthis committee focuses on key events that connect Krannert alumni to each other around the globe and keeps them informed on current initiatives at the Krannert School.  Examples include:

  • Leadership Speaker Series (LSS) – an annual event held in conjunction with the Boiler Business Exchange of Indianapolis recognizing top business leaders and Krannert Alumni.  This event connects over 600+ alumni and students.
  • Krannert Alumni Conference – a weekend long event at Krannert held annually in the Spring that is open to all alumni looking forward to re-connecting with fellow classmates and providing attendees a chance to get “back in the classroom” and learn more about current events and trends in the business world.
  • Krannert Global Toast – held annually on the first Thursday of November in selected cities offers a fun and informal networking opportunity for all alumni and friends of Purdue.
  • Annual Homecoming events on campus sponsored by Krannert

Alumni Engagement in the Classroom/ Experiential Learning – this is a new Committee for the KSAA Board for the 2019-2020 school year and is intended to help develop a strategy and process that connects alumni industry experts with Krannert faculty with the mission to enhance the classroom experience and provide experiential learning opportunities to students. 

If you are a Krannert Alumni and want to get involved with these or other important activities aligned the mission of our Board, please reach out to the Alumni Relations Office, we’d love to hear from you!

Hail Purdue!

Bob Burlas
KSAA Board President
BSIM ‘86