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Anson Soderbery

Anson Soderbery

Associate Professor of Economics


Ph.D., Economics, University of California, Davis
M.A. University of California, Davis (2007)
B.A. University of Oregon (2006)


Journal Articles

  • Breinlich, H. & Soderbery, Anson & Wright, G. (2018). From Selling Goods to Selling Expertise: The Evolution of U.K. Manufacturing. American Economic Journal: Policy, | Related Website |
  • Soderbery, Anson (2018). Trade Elasticities, Heterogeneity, and Optimal Tariffs. Journal of International Economics, vol. 114 44-62.
  • Blonigen, Bruce A. & Knittel, Christopher R. & Soderbery, Anson (2017). Keeping it Fresh: Strategic Product Redesigns and Welfare. International Journal of Industrial Organization, vol. 53 (C), 170-214. | Related Website |
  • Soderbery, Anson (2015). Estimating Import Supply and Demand Elasticities: Analysis and Implications. Journal of International Economics, vol. 96 (1), 1-17. | Related Website |
  • Sly, Nicholas & Soderbery, Anson (2014). Strategic Sourcing, Markups and Labor Demand Elasticities. Journal of Development Economics, vol. 109 172-187. | Related Website |
  • Soderbery, Anson (2014). Market Size, Structure, and Access: Trade with Capacity Constraints. European Economic Review, vol. 70 276-298. | Related Website |
  • Blonigen, Bruce A. & Soderbery, Anson (2010). Measuring the Benefits of Product Variety with an Accurate Variety Set. Journal of International Economics, vol. 2 (82), 168-180. | Related Website |
  • Soderbery, Anson (2010). Investigating the Asymptotic Properties of Elasticity of Substitution Estimates. Economics Letters, vol. 2 (190), 57-62. | Related Website |

Phone: 44498
Office: RAWL 4022

Area(s) of Expertise

International Trade, Industrial Organization, Heterogeneous FIrms, Imperfect Competition