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Fabrice Lumineau

Fabrice Lumineau

Associate Professor of Management
Strategic Management


Ph.D., Strategic Management - HEC Paris
M.Sc., Management & Economics - University Paris Dauphine
M.A., Business Administration - Audencia Nantes


Fabrice Lumineau is an Associate Professor in Strategic Management at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.

His research investigates interorganizational partnerships, the interplay between contract and trust in collaborative strategies, and dispute negotiation dynamics. He has published in Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Annals, Journal of International Business StudiesJournal of ManagementJournal of Operations Management, Organization Science, Organization Studies, Strategic Management Journal, and Strategic Organization (link to his articles).

He serves on the editorial board of the Academy of Management JournalStrategic Management Journal, and Strategic Organization. He is also a member of the Business Policy and Strategy Research Committee (2016-2018) and of the All Academy Theme Committee at the Academy of Management and was elected as a representative at large for the Cooperative Strategy interest group in the Strategic Management Society (2017-2019).

Dr Lumineau's works have been presented more than 150 times. He has also received a number of scholarly awards such as the Best Paper Award from the Business Policy and Strategy division at the Academy of Management Conference, the Discovery Early Career Research Award ($375,000) from the Australian Research Council, and the Jay Ross Faculty Scholar Award at Purdue University. He also received a double nomination by both the Business Policy and Strategy division and the Conflict Management division for the Carolyn Dexter Award, which is the Academy of Management all-academy award for the best internationally-oriented paper, and three other of his papers were nominated for the Practice Implication Award of the Strategic Management Society. He was named a Purdue University Faculty Scholar (2017-2022).

So far, Dr Lumineau has taught in six main fields and has received numerous teaching recognitions: Inter-Organizational Relationships and Partnerships (Ph.D. and MSc levels); Psycho-Cognitive Foundations of Strategy (Ph.D. level); Strategic Management (MBA, MSc, and BBA levels); International Strategy (MBA, Weekend MBA, MSc, and BBA levels); Channel Management (MBA and BBA levels); and programs in executive education. In 2017, Dr Lumineau was chosen by Poets & Quants as one of the "40 Under 40 Most Outstanding Business School Professors."

Dr Lumineau has lived in France, the USA, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia. Prior to his Ph.D., he worked as a project manager in the insurance and investment banking industries.

Forthcoming Publications

  • Oliveira O. & Lumineau F. (2019). The Dark Side of Interorganizational Relationships: An Integrative Review and Research Agenda. Journal of Management, | Download |
  • Graebner M., Lumineau F., & Fudge Kamal D. (2019). Unrequited: Asymmetry in Interorganizational Trust. Strategic Organization, | Download |

Journal Articles

  • Lumineau F. & Oliveira N. (2018). A Pluralistic Perspective to Overcome Major Blind Spots in Research on Interorganizational Relationships. Academy of Management Annals, vol. 12 (1), 440-465. | Download |
  • Cao Z., Li Y., Jayaram J., Liu Y., & Lumineau F. (2018). A Meta-Analysis of the Exchange Hazards – Interfirm Governance Relationship: An Informal Institutions Perspective. Journal of International Business Studies, vol. 49 303-323. | Download |
  • Schilke O. & Lumineau F. (2018). The Double-Edged Effect of Contracts on Alliance Performance. Journal of Management, vol. 44 (7), 2827-2858. | Download |
  • Lumineau F. & Schilke O. (2018). Trust Development Across Levels of Analysis: An Embedded-Agency Perspective. Journal of Trust Research, vol. 8 (2), 238-248. | Download |
  • Oliveira O. & Lumineau F. (2017). How Coordination Trajectories Influence the Performance of Interorganizational Project Networks. Organization Science, vol. 28 (6), 1029-1060. | Download |
  • Lumineau F. (2017). How Contracts Influence Trust and Distrust. Journal of Management, vol. 43 (5), 1553-1577. | Download |
  • Guo S.L., Lumineau F., & Lewicki R. (2017). Revisiting the Foundations of Organizational Distrust. Foundations and Trends in Management, vol. 1 (1), 1-88. | Download |
  • Bertrand O. & Lumineau F. (2016). Partners in Crime: The Effects of Diversity on the Longevity of Cartels. Academy of Management Journal, vol. 59 (3), 983-1008. | Download |
  • Lumineau F. & Verbeke A. (2016). Let's Give Opportunism the Proper Back Seat. Academy of Management Review, vol. 41 (4), 739-741. | Download |
  • Duplat V. & Lumineau F. (2016). Third Parties and Contract Design: The Case of Contracts for Technology Transfer. Managerial and Decision Economics, vol. 37 424-444. | Download |
  • Cao Z. & Lumineau F. (2015). Revisiting the Interplay between Contractual and Relational Governance: A Qualitative and Meta-Analytic Investigation. Journal of Operations Management, (33-34), 15-42. | Download |
  • Lumineau F., Eckerd S., & Handley S. (2015). Interorganizational Conflict: Overview, Challenges, and Opportunities. Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation, (1), 42-64. | Download |
  • Bertrand O., Lumineau F., & Fedorova E. (2014). The Supportive Factors of Firms' Collusive Behavior: Empirical Evidence from Cartels in the European Union. Organization Studies, vol. 35 (6), 881-908. | Download |
  • Lumineau F. & Henderson J. (2012). The Influence of Relational Experience and Contractual Governance on the Negotiation Strategy in Buyer-Supplier Disputes. Journal of Operations Management, vol. 30 (5), 382-395. | Download |
  • Lumineau F. & Quelin B. (2012). An Empirical Investigation of Interorganizational Opportunism and Contracting Mechanisms. Strategic Organization, vol. 10 (1), 55-84. | Download |
  • Lumineau F. & Oxley J. (2012). Let's Work It Out (Or We'll See You in Court): Litigation and Private Dispute Resolution in Vertical Exchange Relationships. Organization Science, vol. May/June (23), 820-834. | Download |
  • Lumineau F., Frechet M., & Puthod D. (2011). An Organizational Learning Perspective on Contract Design. Strategic Organization, vol. 9 (1), 8-32. | Download |
  • Lumineau F. & Malhotra D. (2011). Shadow of the Contract: How Contract Structure Shapes Inter-Firm Dispute Resolution. Strategic Management Journal, vol. 32 (5), 532-555. | Download |
  • Malhotra D. & Lumineau F. (2011). Trust and Collaboration in the Aftermath of Conflict: The Effects of Contract Structure. Academy of Management Journal, vol. 54 (5), 981-998. | Download |

Conference Proceedings

  • Bertrandias L., Frechet M., & Lumineau F. (2010). The Role of Contract Framing in the Emergence of Trust: Evidence from Franchise Contract Experiment. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. vol. .
  • Lumineau F. & Henderson J. (2009). The Influence of Governance on Negotiation Strategies in Buyer-Supplier Disputes. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. vol. .
  • Lumineau F. & Frechet M. (2008). Managing Discrepancies Between Formal and Psychological Sides of Alliance Contracting. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. vol. .

Book Chapters

  • Oliveira O. & Lumineau F. (2019). The Time is Ripe! Using Time Conceptualizations to Advance Research on Interorganizational Relationships. Time Issues in Strategy and Organization, In T. K. Das (Ed.), Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. | Download |
  • Moingeon B., Lumineau F., & Perrin A. (2008). Managing Knowledge Across Boundaries: A Learning Mix Perspective. In PR Sparrow (Ed.) Handbook of International Human Resource Management. Wiley, New York.

Phone: (765) 49-40735
Office: KRAN 530

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Inter-organizational partnerships Interplay between contract and trust Control and coordination