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John Pomery

John Pomery

Associate Professor of Economics

Before coming to Purdue in 1982, Professor Pomery taught at the University of Rochester, Rice University, and Northwestern University. Within mainstream economics, his main field of interest is international economics, and especially international trade theory. He is also interested in international business ethics, and applied ethics generally, and is developing a cross-disciplinary "aporetic" approach to ethics teaching. His writing credits include "Uncertainty and International Trade," in International Economic Policy: Theory and Evidence (1979); "International Trade and Uncertainty: Simple General Equilibrium Models Involving Randomness" (published by Garland Press and listed in Outstanding Dissertations in Economics); a chapter in the Handbook of International Economics; two contributions to The New Palgrave; and "The New Trade Theory: Implications for Policy Analysis," in Policy Analysis and Economics: Developments, Tensions, Prospects (1991). He has received grants from the National Science Foundation and the USF&G Foundation, as well as a Lilly Endowment Open Faculty Fellowship in 1988-89, when he spent a sabbatical year as a visiting scholar in the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University and as a research associate with the Center for the History and Philosophy of Science at Boston University. He co-founded the Mid-West International Economics Group and is a member of the American Economic Association and of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics. In recent years, he has attended numerous conferences and workshops in a variety of areas of applied ethics, including presenting three papers on his own work, contributed to a campus-wide interdisciplinary applied ethics course, and developed ethics-related courses for the undergraduate and master's curricula at Krannert. He also has carried out (with co-workers) a large-scale pilot project in attitudinal testing of students at Purdue, presented workshops on his teaching methods and the ideas underlying that method, and formed an interdisciplinary team to pursue an initiative in aporetics and applied ethics.

Journal Articles

  • Nair-Reichert, U., & Pomery, J. (1999). International R&D Rivalry and Export Market Shares of Unionized Industries: Some Evidence from the US Manufacturing Sector. Journal of International Economics, vol. 49 (1), 77-97.
  • Pomery, J. (1991). The New Trade Theory: Implications for Policy Analysis. Policy Analysis and Economics: Developments, Tensions, Prospects, 159-85.
  • Pomery, J. (1984). Uncertainty in Trade Models. Handbook of International Economics, vol. 1 419-65.
  • Pomery, J. (1983). Restricted Stock Markets in Simple General Equilibrium Models with Production Uncertainty. Journal of International Economics, vol. 15 (4), 253-76.
  • Pomery J (1980). A THEORY OF INTERNATIONAL-TRADE UNDER UNCERTAINTY - HELPMAN,E, RAZIN,A . Journal of Political Economy, vol. 5 (88), 1061-1064.
  • Schechter, B., & Pomery, J. (1971). Permanent Income in a Macro-Economic Model: A Correction. Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 23 (3), 456-57.

Phone: (765) 49-44515
Office: KRAN 547

Area(s) of Expertise

Business ethics, economics, international trade