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Forthcoming Publications

  • Shunko, M., Niederhoff, J., & Rosokha, Y. Humans Are Not Machines: The Behavioral Impact of Queueing Design on Service Time. Management Science, | Related Website |
  • Bansal, S., & Rosokha, Y. Impact of Compound and Reduced Specifications on Valuation of Projects with Multiple Risks. Decision Analysis,

Journal Articles

  • Moreno, O.M., & Rosokha, Y. (2016). Learning under compound risk vs. learning under ambiguity – an experiment. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, | Related Website |

Working Papers

  • Rosokha, Y., & Sheh C. Uncertainty about Informed Trading in Dealer Markets - An Experiment. | Related Website |
  • Romero, J., & Rosokha, Y. Constructing Strategies in the Indefinitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma. | Related Website |
  • Romero, J., & Rosokha, Y. The Evolution of Cooperation: The Role of Costly Strategy Adjustments. | Related Website |
  • Rosokha, Y., & Younge, K. Motivating Innovation: The Effect of Loss Aversion on the Willingness to Persist. | Related Website |