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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  • Faccio, Mara, (with M. Ameziane Lasfer) (2002). Institutional Shareholders and Corporate Governance: The Case of UK pension Funds with M. Ameziane Lasfer). Oxford University Press, 603-622.

Working Papers

  • Faccio, M. & Zingales, L. (2017). Political determinants of competition in the mobile telecommunication industry. NBER Working Paper # 23041.
  • Faccio, M. & O’Brien, W. Business groups and employment.
  • Faccio, M. & McConnell, J.J. Death by Pokémon GO: The economic and human cost of using apps while driving. NBER Working Paper #24308.
  • Faccio, M., Morck, R. & Yavuz, M.D. Business groups and firm-specific stock returns.