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Defining Your Core Values

Tuesday, November 2, 2021
6:00 pm

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Rawls 1011

This workshop helps you identify your personal values and prioritize what matters to you, both personally and as you consider career opportunities.

Why does this matter? Even if we don't really have the language to define them, our values influence how we think about and interact with the world around us. When we do or see things that conflict with our values, and especially when we work in an environment that is contrary to our personal values, it creates stress and limits our productivity, our performance and our life and job satisfaction. By understanding our values and being able to better determine how an organization's culture aligns with our own approach to life, we tend to be far more successful in multiple aspects of life. 

Knowing your values helps you:

  • understand what motivates you
  • clarifies what matters to you and what your priorities are
  • helps develop a personal mission and vision for your life

Once clear on your values..

  • you can make informed life decisions
  • you’ll be able to choose roles, activities, career options and people that support and enhance your values - and avoid those who don't. 

Your values change over time – and evolve as you do. Take this step towards understanding who you are today, and prepare yourself to be better able to make strong intentional decisions for your Next Great Steps!

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