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Brian Roberson

Brian Roberson

Professor of Economics and (by courtesy) Political Science
Director of Economics Doctoral Program
Research Associate, Economic Science Institute
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Recent Research

All-Pay Auctions with Ties (with Gelder, A., and Kovenock, D.) Economic Theory (forthcoming)

Generalizations of the General Lotto and Colonel Blotto Games (with Kovenock,
D.) Economic Theory (forthcoming)

The Colonel Blotto Game with Costly Reallocation (with Oz Shy) Economic Theory Bulletin (forthcoming)

The Attack and Defense of Weakest-Link Networks (with Kovenock, D., and
Sheremeta, R.) Public Choice (2019)

The Optimal Defense of Networks of Targets (with Kovenock, D.) Economic Inquiry (2018)

Estimating the Gains from Liberalizing Services Trade: The Case of Passenger
Aviation (with Hummels, D., and Cistea, A.)

The Optimal Defense of Network Connectivity (with Kovenock, D.)