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Julia Stevenson

Julia grew up in Canton, Michigan and graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in 2018 from Grand Valley State University. She majored in Psychology with minors in Applied Statistics and Management. In her sophomore year, she began working as a statistics tutor and joined a social psychology lab as a research assistant. After working in the lab, her passion for research grew and decided to pursue a Ph.D. to continue her studies. 

Her research interests include ethics, organizational justice, corporate social responsibility, employer branding, and job search.  


Forthcoming Publications

  • Kleshinski, C. E., Wilson, K. S., Stevenson-Street, J. M., & Scott, B. A. Principled leader behaviors: An integrative framework and extension of why leaders are fair, ethical, and non-abusive. Academy of Management Annals, | Related Website |

Phone: (765) 496-2052
Office: KRAN B024K