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Corporate Consulting

Final Presentation Conference

Our Corporate Consulting program began in 2009, known as Experiential Learning (EL), and since has provided opportunities for teams of MBA students in the second half of their programs along with graduate students in Science, Technology, and Engineering to undertake semester long corporate consulting projects. Our program has seen more than 1000 students from 15 colleges and schools across campus who have successfully undertaken over 180 projects for a wide variety of client organizations.

Corporate Consulting projects are for teams of 4-5 students with a variety of skills and backgrounds.  Typically, the presented problem requires a cross-functional or an interdisciplinary perspective that provides an opportunity for a team of students to apply and integrate their diverse knowledge and skills.  Strategizing and problem solving with students with  other managerial and academic disciplines is a richly rewarding experience for the students and of great value to their client organization.

Corporate Consulting projects are sponsored at a senior level of the client organization to ensure the team has access to the company’s people, information, and resources as well as the opportunity to present their findings to a group of senior stakeholders and decision makers.  A project liaison is appointed by the client to interact with the team on a weekly basis.

The objective of all Corporate Consulting projects is to enable decision and action on the client organizations part.  We follow a rigorous methodology that ensures a purposeful, comprehensive, and hypothesis-driven approach to data collection and analysis.  This enables the generation of insights and recommendations that are both impactful and actionable.

How Are Projects And Student Teams Selected?

Corporate Consulting clients are typically recruiters and Purdue research partners.  The Program Director works with interested companies to scope the project scope and determine capabilities required to meet the client company’s objectives and provide an exceptional experiential learning experience.  Descriptions of the projects are posted and students can apply for the projects they are interested in.  The teams are formed based on student interest and project requirements.  Once selected, the teams are enrolled in the 4 credit MGMT 69000: EL Corporate Consulting course. (It is not realistic to undertake a Corporate Consulting Project with an excessive course load. Ideally, you should have a maximum of 16 (8+8) credits for the semester  including your Corporate Consulting project. Anything above a total 18 credits will require Professor Lynall's approval.)

Student information sessions on Corporate Consulting and available projects, to which project sponsors are invited to participate, are held during the third week of November for Spring semester projects and the first week of August for Fall semester projects.

How Are The Student Teams Supported?

Student teams have access to faculty in the school of management and other faculty and subject matter experts across Purdue.  An information specialist from our library system is assigned to each team to assist in secondary research and data collection.  Throughout the semester, teams attend bi-weekly classes on topics including consulting methods, problem solving, project management, presenting and storytelling, and team development.