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Some Noteworthy Items in Prabuddha’s Professional Record

  • Inaugural Distinguished Fellow of INFORMS Information Society.

  • Fellow of Association for Information Systems – first technical/analytical scholar to become an AIS Fellow.

  • First person to be recruited in an endowed position in IS at the Krannert School of Management.

  • First person to hold an endowed position at the School of Business Administration of University of Dayton.

  • First person in 18 years to be promoted to full professor in the Department of Accounting andMIS at Ohio State University; was also tenured a year earlier than usual.

  • Founding Chair of the Board of Directors, Krannert School’s Business Information and Analytics Center (currently, Krenicki Center for Business Analytics and Machine Learning).

  • Completed Ph.D. in three years at Carnegie Mellon University, with the dissertation leading to four journal publications; f irst person at CMU, and one of the first in the country, to receive an IBM Doctoral Fellowship in IS.

  • Published over 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals. Besides publishing in traditional IS journals such as Management Science, Information Systems Research (ISR), MIS Quarterly, and Journal of MIS (JMIS), also published in Operations Research, Naval Research Logistics, Production and Operations Management, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Review of Financial Studies, and several IEEE Transactions, among others.

  • Served as associate editor of a number of major journals, including Management Science(1995-2008), ISR (1991-1998), and JMIS (since 1998), and also on the advisory boards of some, including ISR (1998-2006) and JAIS (2016-2019) when they had such boards. •Served as program chair, doctoral consortium co-chair, and dissertation competition co-chair of International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS); workshop co-chair, president, and advisor of Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems (WITS); and president of INFORMS Information Society.

  • The number of submissions to WITS in 1994, the year he was workshop co-chair chair, was more than twice the number in any of the preceding three years since the start of WITS in 1991; and the number of submissions to ICIS in 1999, for which he was program chair, was over 40% more than the number in any of the preceding 19 years since the start of ICIS in 1980.

  • Was instrumental in recruiting and mentoring talented faculty at every institution he served, including the following persons: at Ohio State, Hasan Pirkul, currently dean at University of Texas, Dallas; at University of Dayton, Ritu Agarwal, currently distinguished university professor at University of Maryland and former editor-in-chief of ISR; and at Purdue, Jeffrey Hu, currently chaired professor at Georgia Tech, as well as Karthik Kannan, chaired professor at Purdueand a Jefferson Science Fellow, and Mohammad Rahman, tenured associate professor at Purdue and one of 2017’s “40 Best Business Professors Under 40.”

  • His research contributions have transcended IS. A ranking published in a 1996 survey in Journal of Operations Management placed him among the top six contributors in the country – in terms of both quality and quantity – to the research literature in production and operations management over the five-year period from 1989 to1993.