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Registration Guide - Purdue HR Case Competition


  • All participants must be enrolled in a full-time graduate or undergraduate program.

  • Eight teams will be short-listed for the final round. One of the spots is reserved for an exhibition team from Purdue University (not eligible for prize money). The teams from external universities will compete for the remaining seven spots.

  • The case selection committee is not eligible to compete.

  • If a team fails to meet any of the deadlines in the description below, we cannot guarantee your selection into the final round of competition.

Team Composition

  • Each team must consist of four to five students from the same university. Each participant may only participate on one team.

  • All team members participating must check-in together at the designated time.

  • Only one team per academic institution can participate.


Preparation for the Competition

  • All teams participating in the preliminary round must submit the completed application form by October 13th, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST. The application form will be accepted only via Krannert HR Executive Conference & Case Competition webpage. Seven external teams will be shortlisted and informed of the decision on October 16th, 2013.

  • All teams will be issued an identical business case on November 2nd EST. Their executive summary and presentation slides will be due by November 6th, 2013, at 11:59 PM EST via e-mail. The e-mail address for submission will be notified at the distribution of the case. Teams who fail to submit their executive summary and presentation by this due date will be removed from the competition.

  • The executive summary must be no more than 3 pages including exhibits. There is no limit on number of presentation slides, but the presentation should not exceed 20 minutes. There will be penalties for exceeding this time limit. To ensure neutrality, the name of the school each team represents will not be revealed before the final decision is made.  Each team will be referenced by a predetermined randomly assigned team number. Thus, the cover page of deliverables will contain only the name of the case and the name of team members.

  • Teams will later be provided an additional hour on campus for preparation time. During this preparation time, teams are allowed to modify their executive summary and presentation as needed. The final deliverables will be submitted through a flash drive prepared by case competition committee. No supplemental materials will be provided during this time. Using materials except for the case given by the committee will be considered cheating and will result in a withdrawal from the competition.

  • All teams must work independently.  Students may not confer with others outside the team to prepare the executive summary. Absolutely no assistance from advisor(s), faculty, volunteers, or others is allowed.


For more information on registration, please contact Christine Peacock