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How Organizations can Create Transformative Leaders
Ben Dunford
Nonprofit Operations Management
Gemma Berenguer

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Bank Audit Committee Financial Experts
Diana Choi
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The impact of monetary rewards on online reviews
Hossein Ghasemkhani
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High Dimensional Sparse Data
Zhiyi Tian
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Price Knowledge and Market Power
Federico Rossi
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coordination and project management
Fabrice Lumineau
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Management Department


restaurant menu sign

Consumers, small businesses feel supply chain break as shortages cause prices to soar

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store shelve

These Pandemic Food Shortages Caught Everyone By Surprise. Here’s How They Happened

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Rice farmer

‘Hello, My Farmer Friends!’ Works Great on Rice Growers in Hubei

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empty store shelves

Consumers cry fowl over a national chicken shortage

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In the news

DCMME Conference Highlights Impact of Electric Vehicles on Manufacturing
While electric vehicles account for more than 25 percent of auto sales in several European countries, they’ve captured only a sliver of the U.S. market so far. But the shift from internal combustion (IC) engine vehicles to EVs seems inevitable, partly because of government regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reminder: 6th Annual KDSA Research Symposium Tomorrow
Just a reminder that the 6th Annual KDSA Research Symposium will be taking place on Friday, October 15, 2021, from 8:30-5:00pm, in four different classrooms in RAWLS Hall. Please see the attached flyer for specific details.

John Carreyrou to Speak at Purdue
Investigative reporter John Carreyrou to speak at Purdue October 19.


Management Mentoring Lunch, September 2019

Management Mentoring Lunch, September 2019


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