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Sungwoo (Benjamin) Cho - Krannert School Alumni Association

Sungwoo (Benjamin) Cho

Sungwoo (Benjamin) Cho
Managing Director
Kwangwoon University

Ben holds a position as the Executive Planning Director of Kwangwoon Foundation in Seoul, Korea. Kwangwoon, named after his grandfather, is an educational foundation that was established in 1934. Kwangwoon, a non-profit organization in South Korea, introduced wireless communication technology for the first time in Korean history. Currently, Kwangwoon Foundation is composed of an elementary school(6 Years, Co-Ed), two Middle Schools(3 Years, All Boys), a High-School(3 years AI Technical School, All Boys), and a University(4 Years, Comprehensive).      

Ben earned both of his BS(Economics, 2006) and MS(Human Resource Management, 2012) degrees from Purdue University.